Had a post a few days ago but took it down after 30 minutes. It wasn’t a very healthy thing to write about! I think only those who subscribed read about it! I’m not sure about the people who follows my blog. Do they send my entire post to you too? :o

Ah, I had the worst sleep of my life. For 6 hours I was just closing my eyes. Scary thoughts ran through my mind constantly. Closing my eyes makes me afraid that I can’t see what’s there. Opening my eyes makes me afraid to see what’s there :cry: I was also sweating despite sleeping with the air con on. I couldn’t use my phone because it was charging.

I only managed to sleep after the sun lit up my entire house which was about 8am and slept all the way until 11. I feel like I slept a full 8 hours though :)

I wish I have many foods in my house. Many many ingredients so I can cook what ever I like and have a nice healthy meal instead of buying packed food. I have to cook a decent meal before I get married!!!! Hee hee. I have 5 to 6 more years to train :)

My definition of “Perfect” would be having a bit of everything. Like a person, there has to be a good but not too good because you might be taken advantage of. Relationships; there has to be times when you feel happy but also times when you hit rock bottom. Life; going through lovely times like being accepted, rewarded for your actions but also going through heartbreak and unfair times! Hee hee. Yep, that’s my take :D I love a balance in everything.

Okay bye bye! :D Thank you for reading! :D


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