“Hand-crafted in Rhode Island.”






I did a photoshoot for my most treasured bracelets this morning. It kept on raining so I thought there wouldn’t be enough sunlight but there was :) I couldn’t find the blue one when I opened the box and I went looking for it everywhere. Found it in another box I didn’t open, haha! I did not undo the strings because it’s tied in a way where it will come off by pulling one end! So cool! Lol. So now, I just squeeze the box into the strings. One is undone because Javis wrapped it and he said I’d know what it is if the string was still there :)

I received my 3rd Kiel James Patrick’s bracelet on the 16th of January 2013; it is our 200th day together :) I’ve decided not to put it up on Instagram because I am afraid of the assumptions people will make. I picture people reactions to anything I do to what I would react if they did the same thing.

This would most probably be my last one! :D It’s not that Javis is so rich that he buys 1 bracelet every month. It is crazily expensive!!! He bought 3 at 1 shot last year because he wasn’t sure which colour I’d like best and he wanted to surprise me with one! When Javis gave me the first one, he told me the whole story, haha. I’m still surprised every time even though I know he has them in his house. And I don’t hound Javis to buy me a KJP bracelet every month, lol… If you made an assumption like that then I need to work on myself :(

I have the Alantic Whalers (white), Contellation Rogers (blue) and Otterneck Worth (red + blue)! :) I feel like the luckiest person in the world! :D I would never have thought of owning 1, much less 3 :D Thank you, Javis Fung :)

To add on to the luck I received, I’m heading down to Lavender MRT soon to pick up my ez link card that this kind girl found on bus 61 :) I didn’t know I lost it until she contacted me after finding me through Facebook, lol.

p/s I stuck a new link to my wordpress’ “Links” section! My Instagram :D


2 thoughts on ““Hand-crafted in Rhode Island.”

  1. WAH! that girl so kind please!!! you should totally nominate her for the “friend of Singa” award!!! LOL. she’s so nice to have hunted you down via fb! i wouldn’t have thought of that…

    1. Yeah!!!! Hahaha. I think it’s good karma because I did that like 3 times in my poly life!!! Tracking people down via FB! Is good karma! FB is the best stalking network ;)

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