One presentation down, three more to go. We can do this. I think it’s my first time giving my all into the various group projects. I used to wait for people to lead and dump things on me. One project meeting made me feel very inadequate and that gave me a slap. I am trying to do my best after that. It’s my last semester in poly, have to make everything count :)

I had fun for the group projects so far :) So much laughter and nonsense. Favourite part so far was shopping at Art Friend with Glenn and Jianxiong. It was heaven in there, haha. Still, it wasn’t a bed of roses even when you have all your good friends in a group. I got irritated, angry, became one of the most not understanding person in the world, cried but that’s usually what happens in a group you have, more or less, worked with for 3 years. I think, haha.

Elated to be in a group where all of them are more than just classmates :) Kangling and Liting were the first two people I could click with on the first day of school. Fighting and talking with Jian Xiong increases and decreases my stress respectively. Bullying naggy Glenn results in one of the best stomachache-from-laughing moments. Oh oh, I showed my group this picture of a finished gift for a project and the next day, grandmother Glenn commented that I have bad dress sense for pyjamas and my floor tiles are so ugly that they are nonsense and look like mud, haha!!!!

Things will get better or worse will depend on each of us :) Jiayou to us! :)

I finished my essay and my dear Javis is helping to edit it (because my academic writing sucks) despite reaching home late :cry: “What would I do without you?” :)

I am going to be a zombie tomorrow. Goodnight.


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