LNY Day 1 :)




I finally got what I’ve always wanted; family portraits! Although it is not professionally taken but this will do. I even captured it on instax film (I absolutely love the self-timer on the piano black)! Only my brother caught my cue and changed poses ;)

I am going to get a professionally taken family portrait one day :) Not the graduating photos kind!!! The super nice kind where they will doll you up and give you props :) A real photo shoot, and I am going to frame it and hang it up :) If possible, have them make a book :)

Day 1 of the Snake year was great because I get to have my lunch at my ah ma’s house (My siblings and I ate like barbarians) and I conversed more with my distant relatives!!! Uncle Eric is proud of the path I am going to choose :) And they wow-ed when I said I am taking Psychology, lol. I mean.. lol, I don’t get it. I think that effect would be more apt if I said I was studying medicine! Haha, but it still made me proud of what I am studying :)

Day 2 tomorrow! I’m braiding my hair overnight so I can have pretty curls tomorrow :) Hope Day 1 has been great for you guys and may Day 2 be even better! :D


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