“Fear is a state of mind.”







Thought I’d post this to end my Chinese New Year. I don’t even know when it is supposed to end, haha. This CNY marks the first time I wore lovely dresses for 3 days and went to other people’s house (no blood relation) to wish them a happy new year :D

Now lets start on the non-CNY happenings!

Brain and Behavior exam ended which means I do not have to go back to Ngee Ann for any official business anymore! I thought it was alright because it is Biology and I love Bio. I used to be very confident of my answers for Science subjects. I remembered my “star” moment when right after Chemistry and Biology O level papers I would be surrounded because my class wanted to check whether or not their answers are correct :) Well, that is all over, poly is over too. I have 0 academic achievements in poly, by the way, haha.

Every level of my education just gets better and better :) I hope by saying this I won’t jinx my future in a university! :)

Glenn told me that Javis and I are his and Manda’s couple friends now, lol. He even wanted me to start this Whatsapp group called “Couple Friends Inc.”! I don’t know about Manda but Javis and Glenn are very hyped about it! I am still feeling weird about the idea. Well, for starters, I don’t know how a double date should go like! Dates are a bubble with 2 people in it. So what are double dates? 4 people in a bubble?

Me: “So like can we hold hands? Or don’t hold hands?”
Glenn: “When we are on our own then we hold hands, then don’t hold once we are back together.”

Glenn: “So going Bali is a bit too far fetched. Want to go Legoland? Then after awhile Manda and you can go Hello Kitty land and Javis and I will go into a bar.”

Me: “What if we don’t work out?!”
Glenn: “Well, we can still be friends.”

We will see how this goes.

I watched Love and other Drugs and Love Happens in a span of 24 hours. Beautiful shows that I wouldn’t watch again, haha. Going to watch Love Actually soon! I love movies that fall under Romantic Comedies and Romance Dramas. I caught Save Haven on Valentine’s!

Joseph sent me a message saying that in the future, the HOTs are going plan a trip again and I will have to go :) They are going to Langkawi on the 26th. He said they will buy back a souvenir for me too! Thank you all! Such lovely friends that are going to be stick around for a long time :)

Always remember that everyday, there is a reason to celebrate.


6 thoughts on ““Fear is a state of mind.”

  1. LOL at your convo with Glenn! Looking forward to your blog posts abt your double date happenings! and btw, rom coms/chick flicks are like my fave movie genre!!! HAHA. when you run out of movies to watch, you may ask me to recommend you one;)

    1. LOL. EEEEEEE. Yes I will see how it works out. Hee hee!!! I will ;) I just watched Love Actually and started In Rome with Love! IRWL is damn boring.

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