Couple phones!!!


After the death of Javis’ Blackberry phone (it’s a weird model that nobody uses), his parents got him an iPhone 5! :D Woooo! All my life I wished for something like this. I mean, it’s not like a huge wish but my life will be a little bit complete if my boyfriend and I have couple phones! HEE HEE. MY LIFE IS A LITTLE BIT COMPLETE NOW!!! Plus iPhone 5 is the best phone worldwide according to some information that my mom gave! Ah, deliriously happy :)

I can spam 5, 000 of my face with his phone now, hahaha!!! I can go to his house to charge my phone without bringing my charger! I can finally text with emoticons! With his old BB, he could only see black squares. He has Instagram so now I don’t have to screenshot a picture of Charliepoo (Sonia and Andy’s dog) and send it to whatsapp (which I totally don’t mind doing. Really)! He can see it on his own :) OMG I JUST REALISED. WE CAN FACETIME, YAY!!!

Still, it does come with cons! The days of fighting about whether iPhone of Blackberry is better are slowly fading away :( But it looks like I won the fight ;) He can play games so less attention for me :cry: Kidding!!! He will get slapped if it does happen :x With iMessage, the number of messages sent every month will decrease :( It’s about 2, 000 messages per month now (I honestly thought I will hit 6, 000 but no). Lol, now that is just a minor issue. The enthusiasm in texting correlates inversely with your age.

I went on a spontaneous trip to Pulau Ubin with Raj the wife on Friday. It was made on the spot so we had to buy extra clothes in case we get wet!!! Kayak, did fish spa, had lunch and cycled all with just $30! So the main thing is, I came back with a huge bruise, a huge wound and many cuts. I am glass, omg. I will have a major accident every single year so I guess, I am safe for the rest of the year, yay!! :D Glad I came back with just a huge bloody wound! I mean, I could have died or get rampaged by wild boars but I did not :D Or maybe drowned out at sea, lol. We kayak-ed until the place we started at was really tiny. I have never felt so brave! I also became a laughing stock at the police station when the policemen dressed my wound. I was a horrible sight, lol, but I glad I made the policemen’s day! It must be utterly boring in that place.

Me: “My tolerance for pain is super duper low.”
Javis: “Yeah, I don’t know how you are going to give birth in the future.”

I think I need a gallon of morphine :cry:

It’s just the start of the 3rd day of the week and it was been really great! Plans for the next few days will be superb!!! :D Hope all of you are having fun too!!!! Even if you lie on the bed the whole day, as long as you are happy, you are living life :D YAY!


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