Living life.

Wooo, finally posting about the things that went on in my life! :D

Pre exam

 photo 008-15_zps52280005.jpg

 photo 014-14_zps739a4eb5.jpg

Celebrated Valentine’s by going to Great World City because it’s so barren and quiet just like how Javis loves it! Caught Safe Haven and to a Jap restaurant! We had sake but it was a loser-ish 7%, hahaha!!!

Me: “Why did you wear blue? :o”
Javis: “Because it’s pink for girls and blue for boys.”

Then it was mugging for Brain and Behavior exam with Glenn for many days!

Post exam:

Went to Serena’s for a stay over and saw that Andrina and her boyfriend came for CNY visiting! So happy for Andrina because she found her Japanese boyfriend!!! Hee hee. MY FIRST CONVERSATION WITH A JAPANESE. IT WAS SO COOL. I told him that I want a kotatsu for my home and just rot there the whole day because I was trying to strike a conversation with something Japanese that I know :| Then, the three of us reminisced about our secondary school days :D I had a lovely night!

Watched movies with Serena until she fell asleep. Then I watched movies by my lonely self, haha!

Chinatown for lunch!

 photo 016-16_zpsa914e523.jpg

 photo 021-8_zps6d6a8ee3.jpg
My first custard bun! It was sooooooo good.

 photo 025-9_zps49db8f85.jpg

 photo 036-tile-1_zps4a566803.jpg

I had a lovely time :D Serena is now enjoying her 3 week to 1 month long trip travelling around Europe! So jealous but happy for her at the same time!!! I WANT TO BE IN EUROPE AND EAT EUROPE FOOD AND TAKE PICTURES WITH BEAUTIFUL EUROPE BUILDINGS TOO!!! :cry:

Spontaneous Pulau Ubin trip with Raj!

 photo 045-tile_zps5b7bbd18.jpg

 photo 031-13_zpsf718db24.jpg

 photo 034-tile_zpsd840adc2.jpg

We kayaked until we were between Changi and Pulau Ubin! We were so cool! Hee hee! We did fish spa! I am fine with fish spa but the fishes there were so big and the impact was too great for me when they bite my feet :( It was just $5 anyway :D Singapore’s fish spas are about $20 :x

Date with the ABTM girls!

 photo 054-tile_zpsbab3e1e4.jpg

We finally met up to watch ABTM 2!!! I think it was super funny despite so many people saying it is less funny but more touching! I think it is super touching and funny! We went to Dhoby Ghaut MRT to donate blood! :D Well, I couldn’t :cry: But seeing my Kangz and Jingshan donating their blood fills me with nothing but admiration for the both of them!!! Jingshan gave me a notebook they give to donors! Hee hee, thank you! :D We went to Macs’ for dessert after that :)

 photo 0863-tile_zpsceda7738.jpg

 photo 309_zps213fd8c7.jpg

Wen to USS for the 3rd time with Javis’ YODO group! :) Yay, I got to sit more rides this time!!! The Mummy ride was horrible :x I was super thankful for Javis and Gracia that day :) Hee hee.

I sat a cable car for the second time too! I always thought that night time cable car rides are romantic and it would be even more lovely with food! Now, I think it’s not romantic at all because I will be constantly worrying about whether the cable car I am in is going to drop or the floor will give way :(

 photo IMG_5508_zpscaa7a7cc.jpg

Sushi buffet to celebrate the end of WISP!!! After so many months, haha! The conversations we had were very interesting and funny ;) Sadly, the sushi we had wasn’t worth the amount we paid! We had super little! I still had fun though :D :D :D  Thank you girls!

After that rushed to meet half of the Chubby bunnies who waited super long for me!!!

 photo 540874_10151114659698239_837981632_n-tile_zpsff0f2f88.jpg

 photo 549887_10151114669453239_1263329239_n_zps23a419b2.jpg

 photo 601553_10151114675973239_13173929_n_zps7113ec92.jpg

 photo 558058_10151114676268239_188923296_n_zpsdc82683a.jpg

 photo 528435_10151114676138239_1996341006_n_zps73f6a3a2.jpg

THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE CAMP GROUP I HAVE BEEN IN. Next to my TCP (USA) group but it’s almost non existent now :cry:

So this time, I had massive long talks with Skyler, Shimin and Aneesa! Time with Skyler was during the long walk to the BBQ pit! With her, the walk felt less short and more enjoyable! :D Shimin was during the BBQ! We sat down at the beach, talked and observed this old man treasure hunting with his detector! Aneesa was after the BBQ :D We walked the super long way out and sat the same bus to Dhoby Ghaut! :D Long journeys are always shorter and lovely with company :) I wish I got to talk to more bunnies that night :)

Zihow: “You weren’t yourself during USS.”

Ah, that line kept me thinking for a few days :( I can’t be comfortable everywhere, I guess!

 photo 008-15_zpsc865acdb.jpg

Korean BBQ at Crystal Jade with my lovely Kaiyan! I am so proud of myself because I ate non stop for 2 hours and I could have kept going!!! I didn’t even have a food baby after the buffet :D We finally caught up and it’s really nice to be back on track on each other’s lives :) I’m meeting her soon!!

Went for Alumni and during the whole Amazing race, I was glad for Huiqi and Vincent Kang! I felt less out of place with them! :) During the group, I was glad for Zul because he told me stories! :)

Ah, as I blog about these outings, more are ongoing! :) So excited to meet all my friends! :D Of course, in the middle of those outings mentioned, there were many Javis dates! :D I’ll blog about those soon ;)

More posts will be on your way :D


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