Farm date.

Told Javis I would bring him to my favourite farm one day for a date! :) It’s extremely inaccessible and if you don’t mind walking a kilometer or more on foot, get a taxi in! But then, you will have to walk a super long way out. My father decided to drive us there! :D Yay, no walking or spending money on taxi fares! :) My sister joined us too!

It’s my favourite farm because it is one of the places were you can touch the animals and feed them!! Not all the farms in Singapore allow you to touch their animals, which, I love to do.

The dinosaurs weren’t walking around so it was safe.

 photo 017-13_zps7256c14e.jpg

This parrot is blind! That’s why she is super safe to stroke and get close to! She was rescued and her new feathers are growing back slowly :) AND SHE SAID HELLO TO ME, OMG.

Parrot: “Hello.”
Me: “HELLO!!!!!.”

 photo 018-13_zps98daea2c.jpg

My sister was super excited to have a bird on her shoulder, lol. That little parrot turned to pose for the camera too :) So tame and lovely.

 photo 021-8_zpse162655c.jpg

 photo 023-12_zps2807ad39.jpg

 photo 025-9_zps615f20f2.jpg

A cassowary. Demonic dinosaur, hahaha!!!

I got to fed the animals for the second time thanks to Javis! We bought food for the horse, rabbits and fishes! :D

 photo 033-12_zps0e70fa75.jpg

 photo 035-10_zps89f26eb5.jpg

So happy to see Javis all excited to feed the rabbits!!! :) I am a total scaredy cat because I am afraid the rabbits will bite me, accidentally or purposely. Javis told me that it just feels warm and soft! So the brave Denise tried it!

 photo 042-tile_zpsbe9daded.jpg

THOSE ARE MY FINGERS. DENISE IS SO BRAVE. Big step okay. I don’t even feed hamsters like that. We fed them until they were all full :)

In the other cages, there were baby rabbits too! SUCH CUTE TINY LITTLE THINGS.

Next is my favourite horse! Favourite because it is the only horse I am familiar with NOT because I am friendly with it, lol. I AM SCARED OF IT!! It will bite my hand off. But I remembered I bravely fed it a carrot one time! BRAVE DENISE. Javis was impressed/shocked at how big it is :)

 photo 049-8_zps76fe29b2.jpg

 photo 053-7_zpsdcdfbd10.jpg

Wooooooo, my brave Javis fed the horse all by himself! :D My sister took a photo too and was clearly impressed! Haha! A step closer to the tight door to my sister’s heart :) Jiayou, Javis! :D

 photo 057-6_zps1accae69.jpg

 photo 048-7_zpsf27b115d.jpg

They were at the other side of the fish pond so they didn’t disturb me today :) Dinosaur birds :x

 photo 060-5_zps0e52476a.jpg

A pretty white parrot that I love to stroke :)

 photo 068-5_zps5c0be6f4.jpg

We fed the fishes the last and it was a bit of a waste, I feel, because we couldn’t see the fishes clearly :( The water was too muddy! The fishes were gigantic though! I never want to fall inside that pond :| I can see that Javis loves it there because he got to feed and touch the animals! :D

We went to a fish farm next and had prata! Javis recommended egg and onion prata and it is my new FAVOURITE PRATA. It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!

My father sent us to Nex and Javis and I had a library date again :) I love library dates.

I love farms :) And libraries, and animals! And my family! And Javis!! :D


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