Date with Clare.

Plans got cancelled today and mom told me to stay at home because my sister is coming back from camp and she did not bring her key. So anyway, I made today really productive :D I did 3 sets of 10 push-ups in the morning with 30 seconds of break in between. Next, I did 3 sets of 1 minute long planking. I almost died. And I just came back from a 30 minute run! :D Javis and I downloaded this “10K Pro” application on the iPhone and it gives steps and slowly increases the intensity every week!

I wanted to just tone my arms by doing push-ups (which I started this Monday so it has been 4 days without fail) but I had a free day today so I toned my entire body! Hee hee I don’t know how long I can keep this up. The push-ups and planking is okay but the running.. We will see. Now I am going to blog, watch Friends and eat my tub of Ben & Jerry’s! :D Not all at the same time, of course, omg.

Met Clarissa for a high tea date; Tea Cozy @ Plaza Singapura on the 5th of March.

 photo 162-1_zps46da2ada.jpg

Pretty cups make drinking tea more lovely.

 photo 163-1_zps8fcf218b.jpg

Scones with jam and cheese :)

 photo 170-tile_zps2a746eab.jpg

We ordered the seafood set! I had the smoked salmon and I really love the taste and texture!!! I’d choose that over raw salmon :|

 photo 171-1_zps3328142b.jpg

 photo 175-1_zps3fc79f34.jpg

You can see which is my favourite in the seafood high tea set. The grilled prawn!!! Now it comes with a small cup of coleslaw (which tastes really nice too) and a dollop of wasabi. It was so good that I wish I could have 20 in one sitting. Clare had a foie gras because I had the prawn :D Hee hee.

 photo 172-2_zps07399d3c.jpg

Huge crème brûlée for 2! The caramelized sugar formed a glass above it so it was a bit hard to eat but still nice :D The fruits were super fresh too!

After sitting and talking for hours in there, we moved to buy takoyaki and macaroons!

 photo 178-2_zps3cb2a322.jpg

My first time trying Canelé Patisserie Chocolaterie’s macaroons! I am not a big fan of macaroons because they just look nice and have weird tastes. Still, Canelé’s macaroons are the best I have ever tasted :D $2.50 for 1! Moved to SOTA to rot.

We had a photospam with our cameras :D

 photo 183-2_zps6b0965bf.jpg

 photo 187_zpsc1ec6b16.jpg

 photo 189_zps703451e7.jpg

 photo 190-tile-1_zps66a2e881.jpg

 photo 195-1_zps47998964.jpg

I feel so sporty and tanned beside Clare ;) Hee hee.

 photo 198-1_zps0c723d7f.jpg

SHE IS AS WHITE AS EDWARD!!!! So I am Jacob Black :D

 photo 201_zpsaa23c668.jpg

We brought our instax out and we went crazy!!!

 photo 204_zpsaedec97c.jpg

 photo 207_zps987d3852.jpg

 photo 213_zpsa4f63a80.jpg

 photo 215_zps37b7e78b.jpg

There is a total of 20 films on the floor!!! Felt a teensy bit guilty because we snapped the photos like we are snapping with out iPhone cameras, lol. That is almost $27 on the floor (if you count it by retail price, $13.90!). Of course, we got it cheaper by buying from Gmarket! Please always buy films from Gmarket because why pay $14 for a box when in Gmarket, they sell them for $7 per box. Buy in bulk!!!


We stayed with each other until it was night time! :)

Hee hee. Clarissa is the person I can spam thousands of pictures with besides Javis :D Hee hee. We had more poses after she went to copy Javis’ and mine, tsk tsk! We had our love talks, university talks, interesting talks :) Going out with Clare also gives me reason to dress up, eat pretty things and just talk about girl-y things! :D I can’t wait to see you soon and spam more pictures :D :D :D


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