Mappy :)

Mappy is Happy + Monday :)

So I had one of the best Mondays on 25th of March. I just felt super happy with all the events going on that day :)

  1. Javis woke up really early and made his way down to my place for some vigorous exercise :D We did push-ups, squats, sit-ups (only he did that because I can’t, haha!) and planking :D We ran around my estate and I had wobbly legs because of the evil squats :( I got by and made it till the end with Javis’ sweet encouragements :D It is so cool to exercise with your other half!!!!! It came to a point where I wanted to fast forward our lives until the days we can exercise together regularly in the mornings :)
  2. Javis accompanied me to Ngee Ann to get my testimonial from Mr Keith! Testimonials always contain lovely stuff about you :) I miss NP’s food :cry: I also got to claim my free regular yogurt from the yogurt stall :D
  3. Went to Jcube to meet Serena :) Sat in one of Times’ aisle to talk and she passed me my souvenir from Europe; a miniature Roman Colosseum!!! I have something that lived in Europe!!! :D Went to her house to sleep and rot because both of us were dead tired. Serena’s boyfriend popped by and we talked for the first time because he explained a joke to me, haha. Yay, more nice people to know :)
  4. Met my parents and sister for dinner and we had zi char :)

    “Zi Char (also known as Zhi Char/Cze Char/Tze Char/Zhu Chao) is a term used to describe a wallet-friendly, home-style cuisine from a Chinese stall, which serves a variety of ala-carte dishes and leaves you spoiled for choice.” (Ladyironchef)

    I had my favourite steamed pomfret!!! I LOVE THAT FISH. I love it steamed and the sauce is to die for. I had my favourite broccoli too :D It’s been awhile since I had a family dinner where we sat around the table! It was lovely :)

Those are the 4 main things I loved about Monday :) I had all my favourite people around me and I did lovely things with all of them :) People say that good things make you happy but when you are happy, good things come your way too :D

An update on my life: 2 pre schools have called me to meet them! Yep, I am on the way to having a job and working with children for the holidays! :D Got the best tips from my sweet Crystal :)

I hope all my readers are happy :D


5 thoughts on “Mappy :)

  1. LOL “MAPPY” HAHAHA. Let’s go back to school when school starts!! I miss the food there too :( And what’s with the definition of zi char LOL HAHAHAHA.

    1. HAHA. I don’t like chinese or singlish words on my blog :x So have to give a definition since idk the english word for it haha!!! wow, not bad ah, you usually read after a few weeks. Good stalking!!!

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