Belated Janelle day :)

Janelle and I went to AMKFSC for a visit and to get her testimonial! She baked pineapple tarts and made ddeokbokki for everybody :) Had lunch with Aricia and made our way to Carpenter and Cook to celebrate Janelle’s belated birthday! I passed her her present too :)

 photo 219_zps58f0fbb3.jpg

Ah, pretty tea cups again :D They make me smile. We had a pot of Midsummer Peach tea. No need for sugar because it’s the right amount of sweet :) We also ordered a huge croissant; it was nice too! Didn’t take a picture of it because it just looks like any other croissant, lol 8O

 photo 221_zpsa27f5e9c.jpg

 photo 226_zps8709a56f.jpg

This is the passion fruit meringue tart. It’s so good :cry: I want it for breakfast or tea every day but I can’t afford it :(

 photo 225_zpsd9359086.jpg

I knew she wanted the one with the gold spoon! Haha!!

 photo 230-tile_zps85ff75dc.jpg

 photo 235_zps681a7e6b.jpg

 photo 236_zpsf5620144.jpg

Next is the highly raved about chocolate tart. We had it freshly baked because when we came in, it was sold out. Hmm, we’d still pick the passion fruit tart. It’s too sweet :| I’m fine with it but Janelle dislikes caramel, haha; there is a layer of it below the chocolate :)

 photo 237-tile_zps36ce35a2.jpg

One ladle is $90(?).

 photo 243_zps7f2ea8de.jpg

 photo 254_zps2b26369a.jpg

 photo 256_zpsa4313fbf.jpg

 photo 271_zps4772f412.jpg

 photo 280_zps34729268.jpg

Self timer because we are too embarrassed to get the people to take a photo for us, I think :?

 photo 285-tile_zps2eb9b5fe.jpg

 photo 287_zps30d93121.jpg

 photo 290-1_zps26884e4b.jpg

We took a bus to orchard and had a walk around H&M. Took a lot of clothes to try but placed them all back and congratulated each other for saving a bunch of money, haha!

I had a great time that day :D Janelle better had a great time too :P

Carpenter and Cook is located at

19 Lorong Kilat #01-06
Singapore 598120

The waitresses are tall and pretty :oops:


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