I am just, living in bliss.

I am currently working part time at Workplayz Montessori! It is just the perfect job. I get paid to play with toddlers with chubby cheeks aged 1.5 years old to 2.5 years old. They are at the age where they still like to be carried and I love carrying them!!! Joseph did tell me to not carry them because they should be training their legs, haha. So what I love about the Montessori way of teaching would be the freedom. The children can play with anything they want and at their age, they should be learning how to recognize shapes, colours and letters. So for example, they can grab a book to flip and you can test them on the colours, items and shapes inside! :) Learning is really on the spot and not based on worksheets and routine classes (I myself cannot stand routine and it’s weird because I don’t exactly like changes too).

It is a place where even though I am told to work from 9.30am to 12.30pm, I would reach work at 9am and leave at 1 plus in the afternoon :) The non stop crying from the children didn’t dampen how happy I am over there. Okay, maybe it is because I am new in this sector but I just feel twice the happiness and more relieved when they finally stop crying :D And I’d get hugs goodbye from the little kids when their day ends. It just feels so worth it after the hectic 3 hours.

Just like how I feel at AMKFSC; “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” I have yet to dread a day of going there and I don’t see a day like that coming! :)

It is walking distance from my house. One of the criteria about staying on at a job is the location. I will forever be loyal because I can leave the house at 8.45am and reach there at 9. There was this time I forgot to bring my phone to the centre and there were 0 panic attacks 8-)

They are hoping to expand and looking for full time teachers to work with them! For more information and if interested, drop them an email at! :)

I went for a job interview for Chiltern House pre school today and the vice principal is this joyful and nice woman! :) It was a pity I couldn’t be a full time teacher assistant like they are looking for! (It’s fine because Crystal and Joseph did advise me to not work in two different pre schools at the same time). However, she said that I would be hired under the holiday programs! It is when they need more part timers for look after the children! I think they would call back for every holiday! :) I also like that she asked about what I learnt from AMKFSC and about social work!!! Hee hee, it felt nice to be asked even when it has absolutely no relation to the job :)

They would call around May but I think I would still be working for Workplayz! We will see how this goes! Thanks to Jinghan, I am able to know about this pre school and from her tweets, it sounds like a lovely place to interact with children!

Chiltern is looking for full time teacher assistants who can commit until end of this year! It’s fine even if you do not have a diploma in Early Childhood or Child Psychology! :) They need supporting teachers for their branch at Bukit Timah and East Coast! If interested, email them at the respective branches!

Hope I have a chance to work there some day!

The interview only lasted about 15 minutes and I am glad even though I could only reach Workplayz at 10am, it felt comfortable enough to walk in and ask if they still need me. The head of the centre kept thanking me for coming back to help out! :)

I saw a pair of twins today but I forgot to resound in my head, “Oh, twins! This means today will be a good day!” so I wasn’t expecting something big. It turned out to be great because Resorts World Sentosa called to inform me that I have been hired!!!!!!! AHHHHHH :D It’s like a 5 minute bus ride away from my home; I am so lucky I can cry :cry: I thought it was a goner because Yuanyi said if by 2 weeks you don’t receive a call, it means you are not selected. I am so lucky!!! There should be a “tears of joy” emoticon because I really want to put a lot of those right now!!! :D

Yaxun got in too so YAY I AM NOT ALONE :D

That call made the day better was because Workplayz only takes up my mornings and I have nothing to do in the afternoon if there is no admin work in the centre. With RWS, I can schedule in some work during the weekdays and I have a job during the weekends now :D Plan B was to go back to the student care I left 9 years ago! Well, either way I AM WORKING!!! And just nice when April started! :)

Javis and I just got through 9 months together :) He is just perfect, for me :P

“I am proud of you for getting into resorts world!!” 

This means a lot to me because I think it’s the first interview I passed. It’s walk-in so I was competing with a huge crowd but maybe the amount of people signing up for my job is very little, hee hee.

I am on this happy cloud that I really don’t mind if SMU doesn’t grant me an interview. I’d most probably fail it anyway 8O It feels that my chances of getting the interview is 30% and getting an acceptance is %5, haha!!! BUT OMG, PLEASE MAY A REQUEST FOR AN INTERVIEW COME TO ME SOON! Ah, I am on this happy cloud that I can actually accept that I might end up in SIM.

Estatic that I have something to motivate me to wake up every morning. I laze around and watch 5 to 6 episodes of Friends consecutively until it is time to meet someone for the past few weeks! It just feels perfect now. Family, relationships, worklife, education. People might wish for time to stop at this moment but I would want it to go on so it can get better :D


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