Baker & Cook.

Met Victoria for a little tea session on the 15th of March! :) Chose Baker & Cook after a loooong choosing process through Facebook chat, haha!

 photo 005-12_zps39c8fdd6.jpg

Carrot cake! :)

 photo 006-17_zpsd0d0ea76.jpg

Lemon tart and a smashed fruit tart! The fruit tart was the last one available and the staff accidentally crushed it with the tongs so he gave us that for free! :D WOOO. I mean, free tarts is always better than pretty tarts that looks pretty for a second and ends up crushed in your mouth anyway.

 photo 007-10_zps091a13b3.jpg

 photo 008-15_zps8bd2025f.jpg

So cute that they gave us paper plates, LOL. I think they ran out of the pretty white ones!

 photo 009-14_zps07777ff6.jpg

Had a large glass of green apple juice :)

 photo 010-12_zps34b1fe8f.jpg

We were sitting outside because it was full and we swooped in when there was space because the weather was crazily hot!

 photo 012-17_zpsc6acfc36.jpg

 photo 013-15_zps8955027b.jpg

 photo 017-13_zpsee6b9843.jpg

 photo 021-8_zps24422931.jpg

B&C sells a lot of food. There is a large range of pastries to cakes to quiche and even jam!

 photo 023-12_zpsd77b50d9.jpg

Next stop was Little Pancakes because we wanted to have pancake date too!

 photo 025-tile_zps73f6b390.jpg

Two breakfast sets because it’s dinner and having sweet pancakes doesn’t feel right, haha! Plus the breakfast set has the most variety of food :D

 photo 027-12_zpsdf3e8af8.jpg

Love love love.

I treated Vic to the food in B&C as a present for a long belated birthday! I couldn’t get a chance to celebrate with her on her actual birthday and it was pushed to the 15th, haha! It was really nice to talk to her again :) 8 hours together and I had a lovely time! Recently, she helped me to stand in for a day at my Montessori too! We went to Vivo for a long walk and lunch! :D We said we will join Leo Wave as campers together so I’ll see her then :) Love you, Vic.

Baker & Cook is located at

77 Hillcrest Road
Singapore 288951

I love their cookbooks!


4 thoughts on “Baker & Cook.

  1. very very late T.T nearly 3 years i think!?! haha. meet on the weekend if you can! whenever !! i miss you ,we need to catch up!

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