Updates :)

 photo 052-4_zpsa150fc13.jpg
The view from MBS Skypark Observation Deck. Have to thank Jayne for inviting Kangling, Jingshan and me for a stay over.

 photo 078-2_zps0577916f.jpg
Egg yolk sunrise on the morning of Hi! O. 

Hello everybody!!! :) I missed this space so much but I swear I couldn’t find the energy and the time!!! The past few weeks has been amazing :) I’ll try to post as much as I can in one shot with pictures in another post!

I went through 8 days of Resorts World Sentosa induction and Adventure Cove training! :) I made lovely friends and got closer to people who already are. Everyone is so nice in there and their rotation system just forces you to make friends all the time :) You meet frustrated and evil guests but you meet super nice ones too! On Labour Day, it started to rain so all the attractions were stopped. The guests queuing on the stairs just left their giant floats on the stairs and evacuated so that left us, the ride attendents and lifeguards to carry them back to their original place. Some lovely guests stayed back despite the rain and formed a human chain with us to get the floats back at a much faster pace!!!! I kept thanking them, hahaha. Nice guests and friends are what keeps me looking forward to work at ACW :D

I finally got time to go back to work at the Montessori! I missed Miss Irene and Auni :)

Me: “I’m coming back tomorrow! Please expect me!!!”
Miss Irene: “With open arms and legs :)”

I also remembered how I only had a sweet for breakfast and Auni started scolding me saying nobody eats a sweet for breakfast!!! So sweet!!! :cry: I was super touched and I stopped starving myself in the mornings when Miss Irene did not bake for me! :) I have such lovely people around me.

Since I started work at ACW, I made a tiny mistake. When I knew Labour Day was coming up, in my mind it was “It’s going to be $8.50 per hour so I have to work!” (in the end it was just $7.50. FELT SO CHEATED) I brushed away the fact that it was 1st May = Javis and Denise’s 10th monthsary! For the past three weeks, if you count the Hi! O meetings, I have been waking up at 6 plus to 7 for so many consecutive days that I felt that sleep was what I needed the most. I put work into the days I am free and packed my schedule to the brim. Everything was so tight and I was rushing here and there that after work, all I wanted to do was sleep. Had a talk with Javis and he told me how he felt. Here is a part of it :)

Javis: “… I already had the thought that the amount of money you earn now is really not worth compromising the time we spend together :cry: I rather we spend the time together!! I don’t want our world to revolve around work and earning money :cry: I rather we lead a happy and simple life!! We don’t need anything else except each other and our children :( I don’t know about you but that’s how I feel. …”

I have since stopped trying to exhaust myself out :) I take super long naps until I am late to meet people (Kangz, Raj and Glenn, lol).

Things also have popped up to keep me busy! I have a secret mission going on and my uncle just got hospitalized a day ago :( I had to skip Dance 4 Fun with my HOT excos to stay with my uncle and I am so happy they understand after so many times of me just not showing up :( They even asked about my uncle and said all those nice things :cry: I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

Being with the family again but reminds me how much I miss spending time with them. I was working, going to meetings that I pushed the most important people aside. Aunt Melody asked me if I would choose money over saving a family member and my first thought was “No. Family is always first!” I’ll be spending time in the hospital and planning a day to accompany my ah ma for the whole day besides sneding her home after her medical check up :) I miss everyone!

Javis was right there (virtually) when I saw my uncle in the ICU for first time and got too emotional. And my Kangz who is going to use her forehead to bless my uncle, lol. I love you two :D

The dear Javis got a terrible stomachache on our monthsary so I researched and they said daisies are the flowers you give to tell someone to “Get well soon!” Surprised the sickly one with a pretty orange daisy and I saw how his face lit up when he saw the flower :) He is alright now and he is not going to eat any more beef burger from Carl’s Jr!!! :x

I have so much to update! I’ll be back real soon :) Wait for the upcoming posts!


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