I finally found time!!! Haha. It’s been eons since I opened my laptop. Life (family, friends) and work took up most of my time. The little fraction of time left is for me to sleep :)

I’m blogging from where I left off :) So this happened between 2 months to 1 month ago, lol. I am that slow.

Had dinner with Kangling at King Louis because I wanted to have her try to finish this meat banquet. It’s like $50 excluding gst and service charge, lol. It’s my second time and I have yet to finish it with a friend.

 photo 034-7_zps0f13037f.jpg

There was pork, chicken, fish, potatoes, greens, apples, salad, my gosh. It is really what a viking king would eat after his war :|

The next time we come here would be for the seafood platter that costs $400 LOL!!!!

Went to Yuanyi’s house to watch Kids’ Choice Awards and flew to meet Agnes at Kith Café.

 photo 053-7_zpsb2f77e73.jpg
Smoked duck sandwich.

Oh it was so good. There were green apple slices and cucumber slices :) Because I ate it ever so slowly, I got full really quickly, haha. That’s why I’d rather eat food at a very fast pace.

 photo 054-6_zpsd5924e35.jpg

Agnes’ eggs benny or poached eggs (of course I can’t remember this was 2 months ago)

 photo 055-9_zps8212cd77.jpg

Yuanyi’s bacon something, haha.

 photo 058-6_zpsac83131e.jpg

Love you girls :)

Had a date with Crystal! We finally had a pretty date because we always meet for fleas and when you go to fleas, you dress like you are going for war, haha!

 photo 066-3_zps863bdf64.jpg

Brunetti at Tanglin Mall :)

 photo 071-5_zpsb836e2cd.jpg
Lemon meringue tart.

Looks big? It’s the tiniest thing I ever saw, oh gosh. Nice but the meringue tart at Carpenter is still the best :)

 photo 075-4_zps04ef060e.jpg

Red snapper. THIS WAS SO GOOD. I CAN HAVE LIKE 5 PLATES OF IT. Every. Thing was nice!!! The fish, the sautéed mushrooms!!! Well, everything except the tomatoes, I hate tomatoes :(

Date with Mandy to donate our clothes to the Salvation Army.

 photo 002-14_zpsc6901b88.jpg

Starbucks at Clarke Quay to rot and chat :)

 photo 007-10_zps0aaec4c4.jpg
Two warm cups of white chocolate mocha.

It was my mom’s birthday that day so Mandy accompanied me to get custard buns for my mom! My mom has never had custard buns.

Missed Mandy very much :cry:

Serena came to help out at the Montessori and we went back to my place because we didn’t have time for kbox :( I totally forgot where I went after meeting her, lol.

 photo 008-15_zps2fe949c0.jpg

Serena played the piano on my keyboard while I just laid on the floor wishing I’d wake up to piano music everyday :) Since she reads scores well, I can find any score I want and just give it to her, hahaha!!!

Love you, Serena! :)

Movie with the wife and Midwife. Lol. I got scolded for being late, lol…………………… We flew to eat at Astons before rushing back for our movie!! Haha!

 photo 014-14_zps6ef51d55.jpg

The three of us caught The Croods and both of them totally teared while I was all manly. I rarely tear at cartoons ;)

I missed these two as well :) Stupid people that makes me laugh :)

Huiqi invited Javis and I to Ignite Our Muse!!! It’s my second concert by people with disabilities and I am honored to be there :) Sat between Javis and Huiqi! Zhixiong and Disheng dumped us for a middle seat :(

Abby was helping out at the concert and she came up to say hi!!! Hee hee :D

 photo 025-9_zps78c058c2.jpg

Super stressed sitting between Huiqi and Javis, omg. When they performed Glee’s Imagine, HUIQI AND JAVIS WERE SIGNING AND I WAS JUST SITTING THERE :cry: It’s okay, I was sitting into between two pros!!! :D

 photo 027-12_zpsf3de1ee7.jpg

Hahaha, so happy!!!! With so many Hi! Club legends :| Lucky Denise!!! Javis is a legend too since he is a walking sign language dictionary and an instructor for I-don’t-know how many times :) So proud of you :)

We had an instax flim taken too and I AM THE OWNER OF THE FLIM!!! Lol, I am a starstruck fan :) Lucky me :)

Huiqi, Javis and I went to find Disheng and Zhixiong after our dinner and they treated us dessert at MOF :D

 photo 029-12_zpsb361d5d3.jpg

This sweetie sent me home after that. Love you, Javis :)

Went for Zul’s video event with Abby after our Hi! O meeting in school! :) Saw Alvin (the hearing impaired that works at Ninties :)) unintentionally at Scape!!! He told me the one in Bugis folded :( Hee hee. I feel super comfortable signing with him even though my signing is horrible!!! I think because to him my signing is very good LOL. Less inferior :)

The 4 of us split up with the group and had our dinner at Tiong’s 18 Chefs! :D

 photo 032-8_zpsac8931a9.jpg

Had so much laughter with this 4 omg!!! :) Thanks to Kangling ;)

A dimsum date with my favourite Javis :)

 photo 033-12_zpse87bb1cf.jpg

 photo 034-7_zps8c92260e.jpg
Chee cheong fun with prawns.

 photo 035-10_zps0e228077.jpg
Prawn and mushroom/pork dumpling.

Induction with my 3 favourite girls in RWS :) Never would have got through it and convinced myself to stay on without them :)

 photo 039-6_zps2ec522b0.jpg

Induction day 2! :)

 photo 043-4_zps1dc12f72.jpg

I love you girls. Next Monday (20th) will be the first time all 4 of us work together! :D Well, if all of us get Monday, haha!

Working in ACW has been a blast :) So many lovely people I’ve met and even more people I have yet to meet! Always feel like dying whenever I have to wake up in the mornings but it’s all worth it once I see people like Yaxun, Janelle, Yijun, Steph, Alex, Evan, Ian and Glenys at the breakfast table in Mahi :) Looking forward to more days working with them :)

There are many dates in between that I didn’t post because I didn’t take any pictures! Haha. Like meeting Glenn to get my Sumo salad 50% off, Yaxun for a KBBQ date, many dates with Javis, a family dinner + Javis and other dates that I can’t remember right now, haha! No rest day at home since school ended ;) Pro Denise. Should be dying soon, lol.

Next up is MBS stay, Hi! O, OC and many others :) My blog is still alive!!! No worries :D


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