Bouquets of flowers

This is just a giant spam of my photography work on the flowers I received recently :) Took my dslr out to play and got these lovely shots :)

I think the giant bouquet from Aunty Melody probably costs over a $100 because the cute bouquet of 3 roses from Javis is already $35! She said it’s my big day and I should carry something really nice to pose with :) It’s in all my graduation photos and I am so proud of it because (I think) I was carrying the biggest bouquet in the whole school :)

Oh yes, I graduated with a diploma in Psychology and Community Services on 17th May! It was one of the most amazing days in my life :D

Here are the pictures!

 photo 007-10_zps3fcb4bfa.jpg

 photo 008-tile_zps50e18731.jpg

 photo 025-9_zps9c8c94b9.jpg

 photo 027-tile-1_zps1a94ec5b.jpg

 photo 050-10_zps323e2d92.jpg

 photo 051-12_zps8baf1777.jpg

 photo 054-tile_zps78dcef67.jpg

 photo 059-4_zpsdbee5edd.jpg

 photo 064-2_zps0215a2a5.jpg

 photo 065-tile_zps6cfdbffc.jpg

 photo 068-5_zps3cd3e574.jpg

 photo 070-1_zps03da8036.jpg

 photo 073-3_zpsfde6f49a.jpg

 photo 081-1_zpsef7b7e88.jpg

Canon D20 + Tokina lens.

No flash setting because the flowers can’t move so I don’t have to adjust the shutter speed and I took it in the morning when the sun is shining so I would have plenty of good light :) Used my sofa as a black backdrop! :D

Here is the story of the single rose:

Javis wanted to surprise me by showing up in his suit at Vivo after working at MBS because I so so wanted to see it. As I said, it was a surprise so I had 0 idea and just hopped onto a bus right after I got down from the RWS staff bus! Only told Javis I ended work and am on the way home after I got onto the SBS bus. I somehow got the gist he was at Vivo but he kept denying it so everything went back to normal (to me). It was until he sent me pictures of him in his suit then I saw the rose! He explained that he wanted to surprise me and adding a rose would complete the look. He was super heartbroken on the way home because the surprise was all ruined, oh gosh.

Things got a bit better when Javis cabbed down ($17) immediately after finding out I have a fever (38.0 degrees). Straying from the story, he worked at MBS for $30 for 4 hours and it’s all gone in an hour because of the cab, the flower and his dinner :( Okay back to it. He passed me the rose, had dinner with me in my house and accompanied me down to the doctor :) I thought my mom would go crazy (because she doesn’t really like people coming in) when I told her Javis was coming over but she said he was very sweet and very impressed with him :D At the doctor’s, Javis told me to rest on his shoulder when he was clearly more tired than I am, rushed to buy me a new bottle of water when mine ran out while waiting and covered me with his jacket when he gets colder more easily than I do :cry:

Javis brought me home and fed me medicine (10 pills and 1 syrup) and stayed until 11.30pm :) I knocked out right away after he left because I had to take 2 pills that might cause drowsiness. Woke up at 1am because I suddenly remembered I didn’t say goodnight to Javis!!! I also found out he just got home because he took a bus to save $20 :(

My goodnight message was full of errors and mistakes like I was drunk when I saw it this morning, hahaha!

Javis is just the sweetest :) I hope everyone gets a ‘Javis’. I got mine :)

I love you.


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