Love is.

I’ve been thinking about how do I define it when someone loves someone in my own terms. So what I mean is, you might not agree with it but it’s what I think so you can just read it to know how someone else looks at love :)

When I go into relationship talks with friends, I’d usually ask things like “What is one thing that you can’t stand about him?”, “What do you two fight about?” or “If you two were to break up because of a reason, what reason would it be?”. Haha, really depressing questions to think about but relationships can’t be lovely and up-in-the-clouds kind of thing all the time!! There will definitely be I-want-you-in-hell moments because they drive you crazy. I think people should think about bad times too!

It really takes courage and lots of thinking to come up with the answer and I appreciate how honest my friends are about it :) So it is when they start to complain about the things they can’t stand in their partners, I saw how powerful love is. No matter how much they complain about something they hate, they continue to work on their relationships; tolerate it because it is a million times worse to be apart than to handle that little trait. They will say “Other people can’t stand that trait too but if I were to give up because I can’t handle that part of him, how am I to call myself his girlfriend? How are we going to live a lifetime together?”. These are the kind of relationships that are long-lasting and perfect in my world. You didn’t find the perfect person but you grow to accept every flaw; learn how to better handle the things you can’t stand and to not give up :) If your partner is really idealistically perfect, you are either at the infatuation stage or he comes out of a book. If your partner is a character from a book, you need to get out more, lol!!!

I think it’s fine when your partner complains about you. You are not perfect. At the end of the day both of you are still happily together and working on your relationship and that is what matters :)

Some wise words from Serena to help the girls whose boyfriends are going to serve NS soon! :)

Serena: “Throughout both of your lifetime, there will be many challenges for you two to go through. NS is only going to be a tiny part. If you can’t get through NS, what makes you think you can get through anything else after that?”

Friends make me happy. They bring me up when I’m down. Always there for me. What I wouldn’t do to keep all of them with me in this lifetime :) I love you guys! :)

Javis and I are going to come up with a ‘Pre-NS to do’ list tomorrow!!! Extremely excited :)


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