Hi! O. (27th April)

This is two months late! :| I still feel super excited about making this post because we were all wearing really bright colours and I love how colourful the photos turned out! :D

My partner was Liner! GLs for the giraffe group! :) As much as I love meeting new people, nothing is as comfortable as getting paired with somebody you already know :)

 photo 081-tile-1_zps5d2e846f.jpg

 photo 083-3_zpsd22fc243.jpg

Half the time he was checking his hair, haha!

 photo 084-1_zpsa535b31e.jpg
The old men GLs ;)

Hee hee next are the other GLs and their logos! I LOVE THE FAT ANIMALS!!!! So cute!

 photo 087-3_zpsbd55f3d0.jpg

Lamyu and Timothy from the Owl group :D

 photo 088-2_zps719e0b0c.jpg

Gracia and Melvine from the whale group! :D

 photo 089-2_zpscfc3c02e.jpg

Kenji and Mayann from the bear group! I’ll never forget how they fought over which colours to wear!

 photo 092-2_zpsab6503f1.jpg

Hee hee. Ishu and Bingxian from the crabby group! :D

 photo 093-1_zpsc42cc483.jpg

My cutesy Skyler :) Who is on the way to/already in California! You’ll have a lot of fun there!!! TCP people are always fun to be with :)

 photo 094-4_zps1f66b2de.jpg

 photo 095-2_zpsce31ea9a.jpg

My super cute chubby bunnies :D :D Our lovely colours! :D Order of a rainbow! Hee hee!

 photo 097-2_zps943fae77.jpg

 photo 101-3_zps206b7dff.jpg

Some GL group shots before our campers arrive :)

 photo 102-4_zps7a103d15.jpg

Awwww, our baby giraffes! :D :D :D

Then we went around the play all the station games and mass games. Met so many new people that I have no recollection of their name or faces now! I didn’t put a lot of heart into making new friends during Hi! O because I know I won’t be seeing them much afterwards. I’m contented with the amount of friends I have now :)

 photo 103-4_zps60e336ae.jpg

Haha, we played this pass the message game and one of it was “Liner”. The right side one was the first drawing and it ended up as the left drawing, HAHAHA. He turned into some alien cow HAHAHA!!!

 photo 104-2_zps78e29ec3.jpg

 photo 105-3_zps4aeb2ba3.jpg

Last few group photos before they leave for home :) One day was too short to bond to the extent whereby we will go out for dinners and meetups but what we had was great as it is! :) At least when they start classes they will have friends they already know! :D All of them were really lovely individuals and super cute! They asked us how to sign “how about no.” and kept using it on Liner :)

 photo 106-3_zpse34695f2.jpg

Johanna and Zishing! :) I thought they were really friendly year 1s but they were super awesome year 3s! :D We clicked right away :) And these two said to keep in touch! :) On their first day of their basic A class, they whatsapped me a photo of the both of them signing “Hi”! :D And that they missed me :cry: In every group I lead, I’d have a few people that will keep in touch with me in little ways :) For the giraffe group, it’s them, I guess! :) Zishing said that we are the gossip group ;)

 photo 107-5_zps7a0495b8.jpg

 photo 111-tile-1_zpscd3890e9.jpg

 photo 114-tile_zps9b940597.jpg

Didn’t manage to get a shot with all of them because they had to leave and I felt tired I think :| LOL. The GLs performance was like a workout, lol!!!

 photo 116-4_zpsf5d1a5b0.jpg

Aw someone looks like he is doing an ad for some toothpaste :D Or showing off his teeth after braces, haha!!! Thank you for coming down, Javis :D

 photo 117-tile-1_zps11d94ac8.jpg

My lovely GLs and again, not all of them :( You guys made the journey so wonderful :) I’ll never forget the late night practices, the creepy ghost stories and future woes (with some of the girls). And after this, yep, Kenji definitely is annoying, haha. Lamyu is just the sweetest girl around with random tight hugs for me :) Tim shared his love woes with the group, haha! Got to know Melvine better after listening to his stories :) Ishu is super cute and she makes me and the group laugh so much! :D Mayann kept getting bullied but she still is able to fight back ;) Gracia is super good with ideas and brings laughter to the group too :) Bingxian  provided us with entertainment like Bang! :) And Liner, another annoying person that makes the whole group laugh :) I’m glad I was paired with him! :) And imagine the stress and happiness when I got to sign with my song signing EC no. 2! :) So honoured, haha!!! Hee hee. It’s two months ago so the impressions are a bit rusty :cry:

 photo 123-5_zps9f957dad.jpg

Lamyu and Mayann surprised the GLs with Chewy Juniors to thank us!!! :D SUCH SWEET PEOPLE!!! I even forgot what I had, lol.

 photo 125-2_zpsaac47361.jpg

Hee hee. I love you guys :) Sorry I don’t really reply much in the group chat!!! I’m not really someone who replies a group chat, I’m sorry! :( But just know I loved hanging out with you all! :) Such friendly and lovely people! No news about a dinner though! :( I’ll see you guys when I can :)

This is the last camp I will be a GL in! :) Thank you Mayann for thinking of me :D Such an honour to be in this! Furthermore, this is the first Hi! O I’ve ever attended! :D

I’ll see Hi Club soon :) :) :)


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