I love buying gifts.

For as long as I can remember, since primary school, when a friend wants something, I’d want to buy it but it never happens because my allowance is just enough for me to get through the days. I was too much of a loser to work (before internship. Internship forces me to go through working life which I found, isn’t as bad as I thought) so no money = no gifts and I am not that, selfless or dumb to spend all my money on my friends. If I don’t survive they won’t have presents in the future! Hee hee!

I WANT TO SPONSOR A CHILD. I want to buy anything my sister wants. I want to treat my parents to good food. I want to give my brother money to spend. I wanted to buy a dog for Javis :) I wanted to buy for Yuanyi one of Kiel James Patrick bracelets. I wanted to buy cameras for Kangling and Jingshan. I wanted to buy a dslr for Mandy (she has one already! :)). I want to treat Raj amazing food, etc.

Whenever I have thoughts like that I would think that if I did manage to buy those things, would they think it’s too much? Especially my friends, I mean, it’s not like I am their husband/wife or family, haha! So I did have thoughts that they might think I’m a freak because I am doing too much!

I haven’t found a way to counter that thought yet, haha.

As quoted from Yijun “I want to be financially independent.” I thought Yijun doesn’t have much money because she is constantly working but she is quite well to do! :) She just doesn’t want to depend on parents for money and that is so cool!

So now I am working, I get to buy gifts! :D I am financially independent!

I treat my parents to food! I can buy my family expensive(but not that expensive) presents, I can treat friends occasionally :) I don’t earn a lot to buy everything for everybody but I still can buy some gifts for myself and the people around me! :) I don’t think I can sponsor a child yet because I am not sure I am going to continue working when uni starts! I don’t want to stop halfway! :(

I’m going to buy my sister a book she wants! It saw what it is about through here! :) I’d buy one for myself but I have no time :(

Buying gifts for someone is just something I love! Like helping them strike off their wishlist :) And I’ve never seen a receiver of a present not smiling!!! :) :) :) Woooooo.


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