Advanced anniversary date :)

Here is what I did for Javis and my first anniversary! :D It wasn’t a planned present because I only decided to do this whole “scrapbook” thing on the 27th! Scrapbook with the ” is because it isn’t exactly one, lol.. It’s those loserish ones! Hahaha!!! More like just a file of photos and stupid comments :)

Demi helped in the planning! :) I actually thought of just doing the original tradition of a handwritten letter but my sister said I should do something big; she suggested baking a cake, lol. Javis might get hospitalized with my limited baking experiences ;) So I decided on this present :)

My sister accompanied me to Tiong Bahru where I got a file (a file just makes everything neater and easier to keep), plenty of coloured, textured paper, markers and 57 photos of us! :) The photo aunty said I was too young to have a boyfriend :( I thought she thought I might be 16 years old (LOL. I can pass of for 16 okay!) so I said I am 20 already but she still said it’s too young :( And when I went back to collect the photos, the aunty gave me her number to help her look for a tuition teacher, LOL.

I started this entire project at 12 midnight after sending Javis his daily goodnight message so he can sleep :) My sister stayed up with me all the way!!! So sweet :) My sis and I have became super tight over the whole of June holidays! My lunch buddy everyday :) Okay back to the project!

 photo 060_zpsfbb71532.jpg

 photo 062_zps0d4d3572.jpg

 photo 063_zps8a74d6db.jpg
This is the congratulatory certificate LOL. IT IS TOO HORRIBLE TO BE PUT UP! Haha! I copied that drawing after googling “couple cartoons”.

 photo 064_zps1d92380f.jpg

 photo 065_zpsd1c7484f.jpg

Some out of probably 9, 000 to 10, 000 photos :)

 photo 066_zpscc50e79c.jpg

 photo 067_zps1581e397.jpg

 photo 068_zpsfc8b8bef.jpg

Some of the pages in the book! :) Mosaic-ed the words because is only for Javis to read :D As open as I am, if I let you guys read I might as well just don’t give him the file, he can just read it here! Haha. And I am shy :oops:

 photo 070_zps2e0d6621.jpg

 photo 072_zps30b2224d.jpg

Javis said to buy a book for him and it made me so stressed please!!!!! He doesn’t even read, lol. I introduced Message In a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks and it took 3 loans and probably 3 months for him to finish it. So I googled “books for people who don’t read.” It’s supposed to be a funny book. Hmm, maybe I should have got Stephen King..

 photo 071_zps67fa349d.jpg

I finished the entire thing at 4am! Thought I’d die since it’s been eons since I stayed up ’till 4 but no! :) Another reason why this isn’t a scrapbook because I think the professionally done ones is 4 hours for 1 page, lol. Mine is 4 hours for about 36 pages? Hee hee. Felt super proud of it and went to sleep with a peaceful mind :)

28th was date-in-advance :)

Passed him the file and he went all melty, hahahahahaha!!!!

Watched the Monsters University with the tickets my mom gave! Grand Cathay! On every seat was a packet of free popcorn and cans of coke in every cup holder! Not a typical movie date so it makes it more special!

Oh! I had my first Maki-San too! :)

 photo 075_zps6b54065e.jpg

 photo 078_zps81e5c6df.jpg

 photo 077_zps7cbfed68.jpg

We had Marché for dinner and he sent me home! :)

Was kind of uneasy so I asked “Why didn’t you get me a flower today.” and he said, “because today is not the 1st. You can’t ask this kind of things!!!!” Hahahahhahahahahahha! Omg!!

And that was the end of 28th! :)


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