Friendships since primary school.

 photo 302-tile_zps81b5c2cc.jpg

 photo 301_zpsb9595dc1.jpg

 photo 313_zps2a0fdb8d.jpg

 photo 096_zps74b93962.jpg

 photo 233-tile_zpse16a22cd.jpg

 photo 230_zps264ce564.jpg

 photo 1500-tile_zps6315997f.jpg

Thank you two for staying so close even after so long. Two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I am truly proud to be your friend!

Started to meet Yuanyi regularly after she helped out at the Montessori whenever we needed her. I love her just as much as before :) Haven’t been seeing Zhenliang’s face for about 2-3 years, haha but nothing changed whenever we meet :) He has ¬†definitely matured :)

I love you guys. Meet again soon.

p/s Yuanyi has complained why is her face not up here yet! Hahaha!


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