Breakfast on a Saturday morning.

One of those rare days my father is overseas so we had to settle our own breakfast. Breakfast by my mom is a full-scale one, haha.

 photo 032_zpsf8962ef5.jpg

 photo 034_zps331c8cb0.jpg

 photo 035_zps41293a5a.jpg

 photo 038-tile_zpse0e117f6.jpg
Placed a slice of cheese before my bread went into the toaster. Melted cheesy goodness :D

 photo 048_zpsa3e7c3d1.jpg
My brother and his nutella toast.

 photo 052_zps062baa38.jpg
Mom boiled eggs and potatoes so we can make our own potato salad. I love peeling eggs even though I hate boiled eggs, lol. Always feeling a sense of accomplishment when I can get the egg out smoothly!

 photo 055-tile_zps837de919.jpg
My superb skills!!! After mashing the egg and the potatoes, the egg yolk taste was gone and it tasted delicious!!!

 photo 057_zps0eb1f7fd.jpg

 photo 070_zpse88d6b02.jpg
The time of my sunflowers is almost up but they still look pretty :)

Went to work yesterday and I finally made friends with one of Javis’ closest friends, Joel (who is working in the aquarium right now)!!! :D Woooooo! So much easier to make friends with him than the twin, lol… I don’t know whether is it because of the same face/same voice that I feel weird or he just doesn’t want to be my friend :(

My first day of university starts this Friday! :) Excited to be studying again :)

Waiting another 5 more days before I am back in Javis’ arms! :D


4 thoughts on “Breakfast on a Saturday morning.

  1. 😊😊😊 3 more days now! And you are so funny to say the sunflowers are still pretty hahaha!!

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