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Been talking to a few friends about the self esteem of girls and how horribly it changes day to day. You can feel that you look like an angel today and tomorrow thinking you look like a hobo :( This affects every girl and it’s kind of hard to feel pretty everyday! Some even resort to never leaving the house without makeup. Well, at least they have the help of makeup. Lazy girls like me think it’s a chore to put makeup all the time, lol. I’d rather sleep and laze somewhere + I think I’ll look like a tranny, hahahahaha!!!!! And it’s so time consuming to remove it, omg.

Oh oh, spotting pretty girls on the streets or on websites :( You just stare and stare thinking why you are born this way and not with their features, lol. I bet they wake up some times feeling un-pretty too (according to the theory at the top)! So anyway, I found my way to battle those self damaging thoughts, thanks to Javis :)

If I spy a pretty girl, I’ll tell Javis. Not in the stupid-lame-childish way that many girls use (I do not know what is going on in their brains, testing their boyfriends :x), saying it because you want a compliment back, e.g “That girl is so pretty, am I prettier?” or “That girl is so pretty…” and wait seconds for your desired answer and if you don’t get it, your boyfriend will be sent to hell or something worse. If your boyfriend mastered a monotone “No, you are the prettiest.” is also dumb!!! He says it like a reflex = no meaning = wants to save himself from entering hell.

When I say it I really want to share it with Javis (I share good things)!!! 100% of the time I am waiting for him to agree but he doesn’t, lol. So far, nobody is pretty except his mom and me, lol… Okay so Javis will then say, “What are you supposed to say?”

He trained me to say, “I’m prettier…”. I still have to force it out because well, I know it’s not 100% true. Sort of like a 1-second pep talk :) Time after time it does make you feel better about yourself :) I have accepted that looks are subjective and it varies from person to person :) So even if you don’t think you are pretty with that messed up hair and glasses, someone out there just loves that look ;)

You can try it too! Just don’t overdo it until you become a self absorbed and over confident person though! :D It’s hard admitting such words to yourself but it is like a pep talk :) Saying it out makes you feel better! :)

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Thank you, Javis Fung :)


6 thoughts on “Unpretty

  1. But I think you’re pretty too! Other than that Javis guy 😒 other girls can’t possibly compare ☺

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