Before school starts..

It feels so surreal. My 6 months holiday is coming to an end so quickly! I’m going to pursue a Bachelor in Science (Psychology) at University of Wollongong (UOW) hosted by Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) :) It’s a 3 year degree program and because of my diploma, I get to take away almost 2 years worth of modules and head straight to my last year, year 3 :)

Well, before I start on year 3, I have to complete one module in year 2 called Perception and Cognition :D One module means only school once a week so I can work and study at the same time!!! I won’t have to leave my children at Workplayz Montessori and my friends at Adventure Cove :) Not for another 6 or more months anyway! :)

I’m obsessed with bags recently :( Which is bad because I’ve stopped my really bad habit of blogshopping when I was first introduced to it. Now I’ve picked up that bad habit again (5 books, 1 romper, 1 fish eye lens) it’s sort of hard to stop :( + Fairebelle gave me a 10% discount voucher and I don’t know what to spend it on :(

I’m going to sleep early so I can wake up for my 8.30am lesson tomorrow! I want to thank Kangling and Vincent Kang in advance because they are meeting me for lunch after my first day tomorrow! :D I’m very thankful :)

I thought I’ll be super nervous then I remembered I started off poly by myself too :) I’ll make it through! :D


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