French + chocolate + sushi

Met Raj on the 9th of July for his birthday celebration in advance :)

We had Poulét for lunch!

 photo 008_zps88674705.jpg

 photo 011_zps5c60377d.jpg

I can’t really appreciate french food because their portion is so small, lol. How can people survive on just a duck thigh (really tasty though) for dinner? Plus I have 0 elegance factor. If I can, I’d take off my shoes and sit cross legged on the chair.

Next we fulfilled the wife’s dream of eating at Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

 photo 029_zpsd5d2d5aa.jpg
I love the bananas, next is the marshmallows :) We even tried roasting the marshmallows in the fire meant for heating up the chocolate, haha.

 photo 026_zps342d9050.jpg

 photo 021_zps67a5e368.jpg

They gave 2 choices of chocolate; milk and dark. The tiny flask holds the chocolate syrup meant for the waffle.

 photo 020_zps56b4ae96.jpg
I love that it is in a conical flask. I miss chemistry so so much :cry:

We thought it was extra milk chocolate so we added it in and it was a total different shade of brown, hahaha.

 photo 031_zps19427e8b.jpg

It was around $44 for this huge set. Of course we didn’t finish the chocolate, haha.

 photo 019_zpsf9dff9fa.jpg

Posting this because he thinks he is handsome here (if I remember correctly, hahaha).

Poulét and Max Brenner can be found in Vivocity! :D

I headed to Dhoby Ghaut to meet Victoria! I missed her so much :cry: It’s been 3-4 months.

Brought her to try Maki-San at The Cathay and she absolutely loves it :)

 photo 036_zps978a270f.jpg
It was so good. We thought 1 would be enough but we ended up ordering 2 of the giant Maki :)

 photo 037_zps939a393d.jpg

Was expecting her to be in a dress but nope, both of us dressed down that day! Haha!

Two lovely friends in one day. I sure had fun catching up and eating great food :) One of the joys in life :)


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