RWS Outing :’)

My RWS orientation group had this huge outing on the 30th because 3 people are leaving very soon :( Janelle (Flying to Hong Kong to further her studies in about 2 weeks), Amos and Alex (enlisting in about 2 weeks too!). Ben is leaving soon but not that soon, haha.

We planned a day where we will go to Adventure Cove, SEA Aquarium then to Universal Studios Singapore (all for free because we are entitled to, haha!). Most of the Adventure Cove people skipped ACW because we felt guilty so we met afterwards!

I met Janelle for lunch at Shilin first! Ah such good food. Waited for Yaxun and we left for the Aquarium!

I was so excited about this new tank!!!

 photo 156_zps2afb22c5.jpg
Yes, it’s the leafy sea dragon tank! It only opened today!! Or maybe recently! It’s the newest addition!

So before that, we went to the shipwreck part to find Julian! It was so funny because we didn’t know which one was him until he blew a kiss to Yaxun!!! :D

We headed to USS after sitting around at the huge tank :)

 photo 159_zps4126b483.jpg
Felicia’s and my dream achieved! I wanted to eat these so badly. Where did all the shops selling this ice cream go to?! It was $5 for this tiny cup so we shared, haha!!!

 photo 161_zps96848087.jpg
WOOO, the attendance in the evening! Evangeline, Stephanie, Amos, Alex, Felicia, Janelle, Yaxun and me! :)

We sat transformers and it was still the best. I got dragged to Mummy and luckily I had Felicia’s hand to hold on to :( I wanted to grab onto Yaxun too but that would leave me feeling very exposed and vulnerable :( So as always, my head is down in every roller coaster photo, hahaha!!!

Felicia gave me a $5 retail voucher so I got myself some sweets! :) Thank you!!! And she was super sweet! More than half the group went for the Jurassic Rapids Adventure and I didn’t want to go because I’ll get wet, so she accompanied me! :) We ran for Monster Rock (my favourite part of USS) then to the Canopy Flyer. THEY INCREASED THE SPEED OF THE CANOPY FLYER LOL. IT’S TOO FAST :x

 photo 166_zps79ac21c2.jpg
This is at Far Far Away! We tried to recreate our first photo with everybody in the same position! And coincidentally, we had the same poses too! I guess it shows you do have this ‘certain’ pose when taking a group photo! :D (as quoted from Amos I think!)

We took a train to Holland V. Poor Benjamin waited almost 2 hours?!

 photo 167_zps5f2b96c3.jpg
Huge attendance for dinner!!! Yaxun, me, Janelle, Stephanie, Felicia, Ben, Alex, Ian, Julian, Amos, Glenys and Evangeline!!! Again, we were in the same positions as the first photo we took almost 4 months ago!!! I think I was the only different one because I was supposed to be squatting! It’s still same position! Haha!

 photo 168_zpscd5fd8f8.jpg
Such amazing people I’ve met :)

 photo 169_zps7aa2d034.jpg
We went for dinner at Holland V’s Katong Laksa. I had 6 prawns because Janelle doesn’t like prawns but she still ordered them for me :D

Then we went to buy churros! I had my first churro today! :) Oh gosh, the shop at HV is so much better than USS’. Face Timed with Javis halfway and he saw all my friends! :D Yay! I have such nice friends; they waved hi, talked and everything :cry:

Most of us took the mrt home :) I HAD SUCH A GREAT DAY!!!! Thanks to everybody who came :) The people missing were Yijun (she had classes), John and Theodore!!! Hope I didn’t miss out anyone :| This group is so great. Everyone gets along and we emerged with 2 couples! Hee hee! So happy for Yaxun + Julian and Glenys + Ian! EVERYONE STAY TOGETHER PLEASE, I LIKE YOU ALL A LOT! :(

Lets have another outing after all of them enlist and Janelle comes back from Hong Kong! :) Yay!

p/s I rarely post about something less than a day old so you guys are really lucky and mean super much to me :D (not that the people I went out with doesn’t mean much to me okay! I WILL POST EVERYTHING!)


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