First date with my twin ;)

It’s not really known but my twin is Cai Yi Jun! :D It’s not because of the face (because she looks like O _ _ _ _. I can’t say it because she will kill me!!! Hahaha!) but because of our taste in guys, things, our perspectives, horoscope and also because we get the “you are so photogenic!” a lot ;)

Yijun and my friendship started off weirdly, hahaha! During year 2, we were in some Hi Club committee thing together (I think), we were walking and we started talking about relationships. We sat at the loft lobby and she just cried while spilling her problems! That happened one time and we didn’t talk much after that until RWS! Glad I found a good friend in her after we graduated :)

About a month ago, we met at Lavender because I had to get my new passport with my mom! Had lunch and we made our way down to The Daily Scoop @ Chip Bee Gardens!

 photo 041_zps73dc0d22.jpg

 photo 042_zps3bbda641.jpg

Putting two indecisive people together is disastrous. “The brownie is more delicious but the waffle looks nicer leh!” So we got one each! I had my salty ice-cream and.. I forgot Yijun’s one already hahaha!

 photo 043-tile_zps4a2aa0c5.jpg

 photo 045-tile_zpsf62a68c4.jpg

We took many many photos! 50% are just horrible because we tried self timer to do this “photoshoot” thing HAHAHA!

 photo 050_zps0ece512a.jpg

 photo 055_zpsb56c241f.jpg

 photo 062_zpsca0cc29f.jpg

 photo 077_zpsbcda4ebf.jpg

I like how close Yijun and I became :) It got to a point where we messaged often! I can always count on her to work with me during the weekends even when we felt like death throughout the week :D Thank you, Jun!! We will work together and meet soon! :)

Denise is here for you :D


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