The Marshmallow Tree.

Wanted to visit this tiny little space under block 46 ever since it opened. I used to take a certain path from the main road but after Javis’ mind calculation, the route between the HDBs is shorter so I’ll take that road whenever I remember! The walking home path has been ingrained in my mind for more than 7 years and my legs will just take me to the original path, haha.

This café is called The Marshmallow Tree! Met Kaiyan on a Saturday afternoon and it’s a 5 minute walk from our houses :)

 photo 087_zpsa30d29d1.jpg

 photo 083_zps79b2f8ae.jpg

 photo 084_zps4bf8c38b.jpg
This is the lemon meringue tart! I’ve made it a point to try every meringue tart because I love meringues ever since I had the passion fruit meringue tart (nothing can compare) from Carpenter and Cook. It got sweeter and sweeter and I couldn’t finish it :|

 photo 088-tile_zpsc3839ce8.jpg

 photo 089_zpsb052631c.jpg

 photo 092_zpsa7871019.jpg
These are the little pots they put their marshmallows on! It’s a free roasted marshmallow with every drink and it’s roasted perfectly! With the outside crisp and the inside all melted :D

 photo 093_zps396eb263.jpg
The coffee was good enough for me! :)

 photo 097_zpsa79649f7.jpg
Kaiyan’s ham and egg sandwich! Have I ever said I absolutely LOVE cafés or restaurants that serves potato chips as sides?! I think more people should do that!!! It’s cheaper and easier to prepare than fries. When I was young, I expected fish and ‘chips’ to really be served with actual chips and not fries. Every F&B outlet just kept reinforcing that chips are fries until I got to Desaru at the age of 12. My fish and chips really came with potato chips!!! I was so happy and impressed!! I went back there a few years later and ordered the same thing but they replaced it with fries. Bummer :(

 photo 101_zps694eb7de.jpg
This is the chocolate lava cake with a scoop of ice-cream! :) It’s as expected. A cut and the chocolate came oozing out. I wanted to take an instavideo of the first cut (because I am mainstream like that) but I forgot how to (I know right?!?!) and the moment was gone :( If you love chocolate it’s not bad :) I didn’t have much, I had the ice-cream more! Haha.

 photo 103_zpscdfa0327.jpg
This was an accidental zoom.

 photo 104_zps2b3bace3.jpg

 photo 106_zpsee639186.jpg
In my favourite camp tees and fbts!

I’ll pick laziness + comfortable over dressy and having to remain poised anytime. But of course, I don’t feel lazy all the time, hee hee.

The baristas are really nice people too!! I think everyone of them are lovely and super friendly!!! The whole cafe is nicely decorated so you can expect usual cafe vibe :)

They used to be opened from 8am to 8pm but now they have shift their timings to 10am (on weekdays), 9am (on weekends) to 10pm!!! I have a classy place to go to whenever I need dessert or coffee after dinner and reach home in 5 :)

The Marshmallow Tree is located at

46 Telok Blangah Drive
Singapore, Singapore 100046

p/s I know I have been typing a lot recently and the main reason is because WordPress have changed the typing-a-post font into a really nice one and I can just keep going and going and admiring it as I type.


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