Intense feeling of deep affection.

 photo 031-tile_zpsed84c76f.jpg

“As long as you are happy. I mean like, when you said you wanted to paint my nails, I’d do it as long as it makes you happy. And when I see the callouses on my palm, I’ll let you peel it too because it makes you happy.”

 photo 050_zps69b4e3a6.jpg

“I really love it when you surprise me! And when we have long dates together where everything is planned! …”

 photo 058_zps683cb8b0.jpg

“Say two characteristics you want in an ideal girlfriend.”
“Erm, love (with that cute smile of his). And think of me a lot. Actually when you have love, everything comes along with it.”

 photo 033_zps129b0431.jpg

“I know you are the one for me.”

When you think handwritten letters bearing all those words are enough, it’s so much lovelier and real when it comes from the person itself. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this touched (I actually teared). We had this super long conversation on 171 and it’s so far, my favourite one; to see him giddy with happiness saying all those things to me, just made the moment floaty and pleasant. As happy as I felt, part of me was beating myself up because I am not repaying the exact amount of love he gives me. The words “I got an angel and he has a devil.” kept resounding in my head. It felt so true until he said “Do you want to know all the things that I love, that you did for me since Day 1?” I replied, “Yes, please.” Then, he started recollecting since day 1.

“All the things you gave me, I keep it in a box because I can’t bear to use them.”

The amount of love I have for him is far greater than I have ever felt. Imagine his is 100 times more.

And every time I think of how I should have went to JC because of education, Javis is the biggest reason I will choose Ngee Ann Poly (PCS) all over again. 

You make everything worth it :)

Goodnight everyone. It’s already 2.03 in the morning.

p/s If you didn’t already know, conversations in italics are his words :)


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