Products of the month.

I think this “products of the month” thing is only going to happen once hahaha!!! So no, I am not starting some new monthly thing. I just have to rave about these two products.

I got the both of them last week and I am super happy with them!!! The common thing about the both of them is that they are promoted and reviewed by Youtubers! Bubzbeauty reviewed Tresemmé mud masque eons ago. After I watched that video, I wanted it so much so I found that Amazon ships it but it costed way too much for a 17 year old me then. Then when it came to our shores, I still think it’s too expensive for me.  For Vaseline 100% pure petroleum jelly, Michellephan posted a video on it and with the way she says she loves it, you know that if you can get it, it’s no loss, only gain ;)

I found both at Guardian!

 photo 028_zpsbf92e9bb.jpg

I saw the Vaseline while browsing around and it’s in this portable tiny container! It’s perfect for me because 1. I don’t think I am going to use much. 2. I can carry it around or keep it in a cupboard somewhere and 3. it doesn’t take up much space! So far I have used it on my lips (because they get chapped sometimes) and my heels. Oh I really hate my cracked heels and along came vaseline to help me ‘reduce’ the crack-ness(?) Lol. I don’t know if they heal cracked heels though. Also, one of the reasons I bought it is because of Michelle Phan ;) It’s really cheap but I can’t remember the price. It won’t be that expensive for such a tiny container, haha. The best thing is it doesn’t have any smell!!! I was expecting it to smell like some sort of chemical but it’s fragrance free! :) Woooo.

 photo 032_zps9c88beb4.jpg

The mud masque was selling at 2 for $14.90~ (until 21/08/13, I think). IT USED TO BE LIKE, I DON’T KNOW, $19 FOR 1 AND NOW IT’S 2 FOR 14. So I snapped it up right away, hahaha! Anyway, I have to start describing how amazing it is. IT’S THE BEST PRODUCT I HAVE USED ON MY HAIR. My hair is 10 times softer and smoother!!! You’ll notice the difference when after you use it the first time! My hair is still frizzy of course, with thousands of fly aways. I think it’s the shampoo I am using which I am going to talk about next! I still have tangles and damaged hair because it’s not some miracle product. It’s close to one though ;) Damaged hair has reduced I think 70-80% :D And I am so happy I have two containers and at such a cheap price :cry: It’s really strong so I decided not to use it everyday (though you can). I use it on alternate days and I will gradually reduce the frequency after my hair improves a lot :) Yay for Tresemmé!!! Their shampoo and conditioner failed me though, but I am considering buying them again because of the the masque! :D

So about L’Oreal’s no-sulphate shampoo and conditioner.. Look like gold bars but they don’t give the quality of the it. It gave my scalp dandruff and made it super itchy!!! I don’t think being a ‘sulphate-free’ person made any difference to my hair :( Now I have to get some anti-dandruff shampoo next :( Plus, I only realized after buying it that L’Oreal is one of the biggest company that supports animal testing (I remembered a tumblr post on it). I’m not going to an animal hugger or something but I felt guilty after buying it, lol. So no more L’Oreal products :| It’s actually my second L’Oreal product anyway so I’m cool 8-)

Work tomorrow (it’s always tomorrow before I sleep)! :) Going to hug A really tight and pinch J’s cheeks! :D Goodnight!


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