NDP rehearsal 2013

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Got the chance to catch this year’s NDP rehearsal on 13th July(?) because of Crystal! Thank you very much for thinking of me! :) Lucky Denise!!! We met some friends from India along the way too!! I told them the wrong way to the floating platform, lol… so in the end, we went to search for the place together. We took photos too! :D My face is in India now, lol. Or maybe they became PRs or something.

Walked up then Elvin messaged me and say “I saw you..” LOL. LIKE SOME GHOST. We met up after the show was over because Crystal and I were in the middle and it’s a torture to get out.

Fireworks time!!! :) Not the best but they are okay ones out of the many I took!

 photo 215_zpsc372137f.jpg

 photo 216_zps7c5b58b5.jpg

 photo 220_zps045a1e2c.jpg

 photo 221_zpsd7c13b56.jpg

 photo 232_zps82fdd0c4.jpg

The goodie bag was really huge this year too!!! My favourites are the tattoos, book with many discounts and the light stick!!! Been hounding Javis to go to the tortoise farm with me (I have a $1 discount from the book!!! Lol) since then but no avail :(

And on the actual National day, I was at Pasir Ris Bungalow chalet!! I wanted Javis and I to put the NDP tattoos and watch the NDP parade(!!!) but he had guard duty so I watched it myself with bbq prawns and drumlets :( My family members were all running around and just not watching the NDP parade, lol.

It’s only Tuesday but tomorrow is Wednesday!!!! WOOOO. A is not going to be in school tomorrow because she is going back to India for 2 weeks :cry:


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