Ambush and Canelé.

Had dinner with Clarissa somewhere in the middle of July. We went to Ambush at Plaza Singapura for some French food! :)

 photo 242_zps77faf014.jpg

 photo 243_zps806333ca.jpg

 photo 245_zps46d962fa.jpg
I thought it was quite little because the portion looked small but omg, I couldn’t finish. I think it’s because of the pasta; it’s fusilli. The way I eat it is one by one or two on a spoon. It feels like I am counting the number of fusilli on the plate, lol. So you know, you bring the spoon to your mouth so many times but the food doesn’t seem to be disappearing on the plate, haha. I eat farfalle like that too.

Okay I think everybody eats it like that because it’s big so you can only fit 1 or 2 on your spoon!

We went to Canelé for dessert next :)

 photo 247_zps5f0a9ccd.jpg

 photo 248_zps01464620.jpg

 photo 251_zps43b3ee86.jpg

Rose tea + a slice of carrot cake + a slice of strawberry shortcake costs as much as our dinner at Ambush. Not going to go back there, sorry :| The cakes and tea were only so so too :|

Then it was photo spamming session ;) We always return with over 50 photos each, lol. (digitally of course, not 50 films. That’s crazy)

 photo 257_zps7ee2ccfe.jpg
I didn’t bring my piano black because the battery ran out. I found out that the batteries will die after 300 photos!! I can’t believe I’ve already took that much, lol.

 photo 260_zps34bc4daf.jpg

 photo 261_zps816f2983.jpg

 photo 096-tile_zpsd327bcb4.jpg

First person to use my magnetic fish eye lens with me ;) I know Clare is proud of that hahaha!!! I had a nice princess date with you as always :D

I’ve got a new fish eye lens since then (with clip this time) because magnetic really terrible. It keeps calling off and giving my friends heart attacks, lol. But the good thing is that the lens will never crack. Made from some really good glass :) Oh, and the magnet to attach to your phone is not iPhone 5 friendly :( The clip one is so much better. I think the extra dollars more for the clip is worth it ;) I wasted about $14 on the magnetic one but I’ll take it as a lesson learnt :| costly tiny mistake!! I 100% recommend the clip one :)

I’m waiting for Adventure Time to show on Cartoon Network at 5.30pm!!!! :D (I feel so cheated. I think it’s 5.30pm in some other countries’ timing)


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