Hi, LOL. It’s been almost two weeks!!! I was really busy. I had meet ups with friends, preparing Javis’ birthday presents, ordering and deciding on his customized cupcakes, my quiz (which again I thought I’d fail but I always end up surprising myself), a volunteering project (finally) oh and work. Weekends are for Javis and my family so I rarely have stay home days which I really appreciate and love now. It really is a blessing to just sleep or think of what to do next but you ran out of ideas so you just lay on your bed and wishing time would pass by slower but it doesn’t so you force yourself up to do something, anything.

I also have a kpop update, wooooo. I cut down a lot of Korean pop things since my poly days. I still update myself with the highly raved newbies and see what the old ones are doing but I don’t go full force anymore. I even stopped chasing after Shinee. They had this long period where they didn’t do anything. Then they came up with Sherlock but I didn’t really like it or any song after that, lol!!!! I still love them but it’s in a corner of my heart somewhere, lol. So now I’m back on the full force kpop track because I am…

An Exotic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

The fanclub name isn’t really confirmed but it’s the fanclub of EXO!!!!!!!!! SM really promoted EXO like crazy when they were about the debut. Kai caught my attention at once :) Then I started to love Sehun too because he is so good looking. For EXO M was Luhan (I’ll die for pretty boys). I love History. They came up with MAMA and Wolf afterwards. Not really my kind of thing because it was too cult-ish and animal like, lol. I went to watch Growl. That’s when I got hooked, big time. I love that they are singing as 12 instead of EXO K and EXO M. I watched the video of Growl for 3 days straight and that’s also the amount of time I took to differentiate all the members. 12 okay, not easy. They are so cool and have really amazing voices at the same time :D I started to fall for all of them. Oh gosh. I have watched all the variety shows they appeared in. All. Subbed of course. I don’t watch fan cams ‘cos I hate fan cams. Too much screaming. It came to the point that I watched one of their stage on Music Bank and Xiumin looked so tired :( They all looked so tired and pissed and I got a bit irritated, lol. Kai and Suho were the most professional ones there I guess :)

I downloaded one of their applications and amazing, they provided me with all their schedules! :D AND CRAZY. THEY ONLY GOT THE REST FOR LIKE 5/6 DAYS IN A MONTH. OR MAYBE LESSER :(

Yep, my time was also given to watching their videos and variety shows; Chinese and Korean ;)

Glad I have a friend who went crazy for them the same time as me! :) Yijun! I love that we talk everyday :) We update each other on everything ;) She like changed her whatsapp DP to Baekhyun that crazy woman, hahaha.

I also want to say something to my group of friends :cry: The HMS group and Chubby Bunny!!! I am not really a huge whatsapp group talker :cry: I didn’t go for dinner dates with my HMS family (they have placed me on probation :() nor Chubby Bunny’s anniversary or Kiagek’s birthday :( It always fall on weekends and I’m eternally stuck on the fence. I have school, Javis and family and sometimes I work at RWS. I wish weekends could be 5 days or something. Maybe a week should be 12 days. I’m sorry my friends :cry: I still love you all!!! Please don’t think I don’t care :( Sorry!

Kind of sad I have to end a post this way :( I’ll be listening to EXO’s Lucky to hype up my mood. You should too ;)


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