We’re so lucky, it’s such a relief.

Here is another post on my amazing luck :)

It was almost time to go home from the Montessori then it started raining cows :( Miss Irene offered an umbrella but I didn’t want to bring it home (I’m so lazy + dumb), lol. In my head, I was so sure I have a sheltered path home  I didn’t, lol. I had lovely thoughts in my head, though :) Things like “Luckily I wasn’t wearing my toms.”, “Luckily I live so close.”, “Luckily I wasn’t wearing any socks!” and “Luckily I wasn’t going out straight!” Hee hee. The rain couldn’t make me sad!!! I was okay walking home slowly in the rain :)

Then a random guy came up beside me with an umbrella and ask “Do you need me to shelter you?” Lol. I declined politely of course then I found out we were going the same way :D Woooo!!! And turns out he knows who I am!!! “You used to be from Blangah Rise right? I know you.” Denise is so popz ya. Hahaha!!!!

Reached block 78 then I went to buy my food. FOR SOME REASON I ONLY BROUGHT $3 WORTH OF COINS DOWN (I’m getting real lazy). My food was $3.20 :cry: Then the 菜饭 auntie said I can pay her back later 8O I was so grateful!!! I went all “I will return you later okay!!! Promise!!!” Then she said “Yes yes, I know you will return me.” :cry: So touched! I returned her already, by the way :)

And my new friend walked me all the way to my block so I am fully sheltered :D

I like to think that good things happen because I think positively :) Being angry and depressed just saps up too much energy and I am too lazy to do that, hahaha.

“I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong.” — Audrey Hepburn

Have you listened to Exo’s Lucky? ;)


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