d’Good Café

This happened all the way back on the 20th of July, LOL. I blog like a snail with hands :(

Javis picked me up from school that Saturday and we headed straight to Holland V :D We missed a stop, had to cross the road and wait for another bus back because it’s too far :x

It wasn’t hard to find, I guess, but it’s on the second and third floor so I got a little confused, lol. I don’t like it when I am confused because since I am the one who wanted to come here, I should know things!! + Javis knows nuts about cafés (except Wimbly Lu and Rokeby).

 photo 123_zpsd0cb58ce.jpg

 photo 125_zps3dcbdd18.jpg
If we have any café dates and there is a full breakfast item on the menu, it’s what Javis will order :) No surprise this time.

 photo 127_zps7d9ad10b.jpg
No surprise for me too!!! HI TO THE FATTEST AND MOST DELICIOUS PRAWNS EVER. They were so fat and juicy and delectable and omg I can go on and on and on. So this is the prawn aglio olio!!! I told them no chili padi because I suck at eating spicy food and I do not want to torture myself. I allow myself the occasional suffering sometimes and it usually ends up badly :|

 photo 128_zps64c17c7e.jpg

This is so not good. I’m writing this post on an empty stomach. I just stared at that fat prawn for a good 1 minute. If only food get downloaded into my stomach when I see it :( Oh wait, I would want to taste it so I guess it should go into my mouth! My stomach is churning and my mouth keeps salivating. THIS IS TORTURE.

OKAY I SHOULD GO BACK TO STARTING ON MY LAB REPORT. Hope you had a great Tuesday :) I had the loveliest!

d’Good Café is located at

273 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278992


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