Janelle’s last day of work at ACW!

Is this 14th July of something? Haha!!!

Got an off day from the Montessori so I could work with Janelle on her last day :D Wooooo!!!

 photo 013-tile_zps68738964.jpg

It was Jeremy’s last day of internship too! So that makes two friends leaving me :( Lol. Because it was his last day, I accompanied him to sit every ride before ACW opened! :D

 photo 015_zps8a688210.jpg
Look at that woman behind, omg.

And I got to see him dance too :D

 photo 017_zps905bcb9d.jpg
Another friend less to complain about what happened to her day in ACW :(

 photo 019_zps0fbdd3bc.jpg
Peiling! :D She gives me the Jingshan feel = a super nice person!!!

 photo 022_zps7fb12189.jpg
Lol……………….. looks like I am leaving too :oops:

The three of us went for dinner at Astons! :D I gave both of them a treat because it’s their last day and dinner was quite cheap :D

Jeremy rushed off for his dance class and Janelle and I went to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar!!! We had churros :)

 photo 025_zpsa722f6d3.jpg

 photo 027-tile_zpsda84c087.jpg

It was really nice! Dipping them in the raspberry jam and milk and dark chocolate gave this heavenly taste. I really wanted to try some really good ones and with the price, it was delicious! ;) It was hard eating it without the sugar spilling all over the table though, lol.

Max Brenner is located at

1 HarbourFront Walk
#01‐116 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

8 Raffles Avenue
#01‐06/08 Esplanade Mall
Singapore 039802

112 East Coast Road
#01‐05 112 Katong
Singapore 428802


I think it was my last date with Janelle before she left for Hongkong :( Thankful for the invention of Whatsapp and Skype! Just a few hours ago she helped me look at the clothes I want to buy, hee hee. We skyped when I stayed over at the S.E.A Aquarium because we wanted a view of the large panel at night! :D I love Janelle :D

My body is addicted to sleeping lately. I wish I have all the time in the world for naps. Oh right, I don’t take naps; I sleep. They last for about 3-4 hours, lol. I have this love hate relationship with sleeping. Imagine all the things I can do without it!!! Like study, lol!!! I know coffee helps but I don’t want to drink them so regularly :| My coffee intake is about 1 cup every 1 to 2 months :)

Jiayou to everyone who are feeling stressed with their deadlines or work!!! It won’t last forever :)


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