4 fingers :)

This is on the 2nd of August :) I pride myself for remembering the dates LOL (this was before closing ceremony so yeah). Kangling brought me to 4 Fingers :) I got the mixed flavour because I thought it would taste kind of lame without a bit of spiciness (knowing very well I can’t handle chili) and boy. Did. I. Regret. It’s like coated with honey or something? Still oily and everything and it was REALLY spicy.

 photo 034_zps8f11aef0.jpg

 photo 033_zpsbe77c7bf.jpg

I can’t remember the taste of the fries but it looks like seaweed on top of it so it should taste good. I love anything with seasoned seaweed. You can wrap anything with 5 layers of seasoned seaweed, I’ll eat it. Edible food of course!!! YOU DON’T WRAP A PIECE OF LEATHER OR A COCKROACH FOR ME :x I don’t think I am going back there with the price and food, lol. I am so sorry.

What’s the hype?! I don’t get the long queues in front of it during meal times!

We went to Uniqlo to shop :) I bought myself a shirt (because KL said I looked super old with my top :( It’s true), I bought Kangling a shirt and another shirt for a friend. I WAS ON A ROLL.

 photo 035_zpsdc5e47b5.jpg
See! This is my new Woodstock shirt :) Woodstock is Snoopy’s closest friend!!! SO LOOK AT KANGLING WEARING SNOOPY!!! Woooo, made for each other ;) She is confirm going to kill me for putting this picture up because there is a hole in her fringe but it is the only one we have!!! :|

I made my way down to HI! Club’s closing ceremony looking young because of the Woodstock shirt ;) I have plenty of picture during the ceremony which I am not going to put up here because re-sizing and editing them all is :cry:

I seem a bit high here because I popped 3 grape flavoured fruities into my mouth! 8-O I was still telling myself only babies will get sugar rush, lol.

Here is something I can’t stand. (Wow, Denise is finally ranting, in like, forever)


If you did something, please please have the guts to actually admit it. I stopped being a coward in secondary school. Before that, I pushed all the blame to my siblings, lol. Even then, I still couldn’t stand cowardice so I would say out all the bad things they did, lol. Now if I get suspected for something I did wrong, I keep quiet. I always tell my friends to admit that they did something nice for somebody. GUARDIAN ANGELS DON’T GET RECOGNIZED TILL THE VERY END. By then it’s a bit too late for the apple of your eye to notice you. So anyway, back to topic. I can’t stand cowards, especially Instagram cowards.

According to me, Instagram cowards are people who tags 5000 hashtags on their pictures after a few days (so nobody would notice) and after they get their desired likes, they delete those hashtags away.

… like, what the hell, people?????

I don’t care when people use a lot of hashtags (#follow #followme #igsg #likesforlikes #cake #food #foodporn) because they tag it when they post it. I respect them because they show it to the world first, doesn’t really matter if they delete it afterwards or whatever. What’s really annoying is going back to profiles, looking through their pictures again and see their likes jumped 5 times when there is no hashtags. REALLY? You expect people to believe you have almost 50% of your followers liking your photos when everybody knows only 20% actually does it (your like average likes is about 1/5 to 1/4 of your followers). Oh wait, the other 30% aren’t even your followers, just other accounts that will like when they click on a hashtag. And another point, people stop liking your photos usually after 1 and a half days. You expect people think other instagrammers will magically find your photo afterwards (without hastags) and give you 50 more likes?! Duh, obviously you put 5000 hash tags when you thought nobody was looking and then delete it.

A lot of other perspectives are popping into my head as I write this. Maybe they want more likes on their photos so it shows to their future followers “look at the amount of likes on a picture without hashtags I have. You should follow me too.”. Whatever, still secretly fame-hungry.

If you think hashtags are ugly then don’t tag it in the first place?!

I don’t care if you are fame-hungry, likes-hungry or followers-hungry. As long as you admit it and leave your hashtags there? Don’t do things secretly because people will find out. You can build up your fame by showing your photos around different hashtags but please do it openly.

Don’t think you are better because you have more likes than others. You are worse because at least they did it openly and have the guts to admit it but you are doing it discreetly. If it’s something shameful then don’t do it.

Hmm, now thinking about it, if I can find out about things like this, I guess a lot of people can too. You might as well just leave those hashtags there ya? Oh, and if you think I am talking about you. Well, as the phrase goes, if the shoe fits, wear it ;) It’s the shoe with “I’m an Instagram Coward” on it.

Lol. Must be the sugar or probably after months of holding this back in. I am a human being, I have things I can’t stand too. No matter how positive or nice I am, I don’t think there is a way to react positively to those cowardice actions.


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