I love you, every step of the way.

(photos during the month of August)

 photo 114_zpscd2fa518.jpg

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned much about my first impression of Javis. Well, first off, it was really bad. It could have been at Hi! Club’s Dreamworks camp. He came off as this stuck up person + Kangling was saying he likes to say stupid things, lol (yes, they were camp mates ;)) + I was sleeping at the loft with X and she told me not so good stories about him LOL. Or it could have been during lecture. Javis was walking down the steps, (forever 30 minutes later than everyone) I was sitting with X and X, they were saying “I think Javis quite cute leh.” and they started that giggly thing LOL. I remember who you are so you can’t run away ;) I just looked and I said, “Really meh. Okay la.” Then I started hearing other people saying he is good looking and I was thinking, “LOL no taste please.” I know who you all are too ;) Everyday he comes to school, the only thing that changes is his shirt! Oh oh! Someone even said he was the most good looking guy in Hi! Club. Lol………………………… Okay………… Like, there were totally other guys :lol:

Next was during famine camp. The fire of disgust burned even stronger, LOL. We were in Logistics together. First time are together in such close proximity. It was torture. You know Javis is the kind that gives comments that might sound witty or funny whenever someone says something but every time he gave one, I would roll my eyes or be “Ugh.” then people around us would laugh. Omg, especially Kangling. As 99% of her friends would know her level of humour is like, .00000000000001mm off the ground = it’s really low. She laughs at anything, maybe even when an ant walks past her, she might snicker at it, lol. So whenever she laughs at one of Javis comments, I would hit her and tell her to stop laughing because it wasn’t even funny and stop encouraging him, lol!!!!

Then one of the days in Famine camp, I think Jacqueline decided to wax Alasdair’s legs, lol. They went to Javis and I saw he has no hair 8-O In my mind I went, “Hmm, good candidate for Jingshan because Jingshan likes guys with no leg hair.”

Side story: So whenever I see a guy with no leg hair, I will mentally register it for Jingshan LOL.”

Mandy also kept saying he is a nice person and I will be “Omg, no, so annoying.”

Oh I also remembered one time I saw on Twitter (year 1), X tweeted “Using Javis’ technique to look at girls.” SOMETHING LIKE THAT. Omg, gross right?! Lol!

Then everything happened; we become friends and everything, lol.

 photo 115-tile_zps950593a1.jpg

Who would have thought that someone I found most annoying would be someone I love more than life :) Javis is the kindest, most sensitive, sentimental, pretty, handsome, witty, funny, smart and most thoughtful person in the world :D He is forever buying things for people. Christmas is his favourite time of the year because it’s about giving. The first time he gave me a Christmas present when we were friends, was this musical box (Mandy and Alasdair has it too) and he wrapped it himself (?)! He doesn’t ask for money back. He treated his classmates Starbucks.

Javis keeps all the receipts of our dates. He writes little notes behind (that I have yet to read through everything, lol) all of them. He outlines the titles of the movie tickets that are fading. He keeps everything in boxes. Things his classmates wrote for him for a tutorial activity is on his table. For a person who gives stupid comments, he says the sweetest things :) He doesn’t speak vulgar, he doesn’t smoke. When his friends go for sheesha he would just eat his potato wedges. He used to drink (BECAUSE OF ME LOL :| unless you add during Hongkong :x) but has stopped ;) All the presents he got me are through thorough thinking! He is a the perfect gentlemen. He sends me home after e v e r y date, he pays for everything. He is lovely except opening of doors. I open all the doors, lol. Okay because I’ve been doing it the whole of poly. I like to open doors for people :) + I don’t really like to enter anywhere first. He helps me with my work unconditionally :)

Javis donates but he donates with a brain :) He doesn’t just donate to anyone and he told me his theory. Come and talk to me if you don’t want your money to land in the wrong hands ;) For a wood looking face he has the loveliest expressions when taking photos :D And he is really funny :) Some comments might sound irritating but there is truth in them, lol.

And omg, Javis is super good looking :oops: HE HAS THE CUTEST FACE. A little bit of baby fat that you’ll want to grab his cheeks and just pull. He has puppy eyes :) Javis’ irises are super huge too!!! He tried contacts and I couldn’t find them in his eyes because it fits the entire iris (hah to those who need big eye contacts :P). Then again, maybe it is because the contacts small HAHA. I’m so jealous of his skin, even if he has pimples it is hardly visible!!! His hair is in super good condition too (back when he has hair) and he is hairless :( Javis’ arms here look weird here but oh my god you should see his arms now. I am in love with his arms :cry: SUPER HANDSOME.

Heard from him today that he got into Commando Leaders as his vocation :D It’s for super outstanding commandos (idk why he is in there, lol). Already in an elite place and now he is even more elite ;) 太帅了!!!

I love you, Javis :D


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