Cheezz Studio.

Get ready to be spammed!!! I’ve always wanted to take portraits with a white background but paying for a photo shoot is crazy and isn’t it sort of awkward to have a photographer (stranger) following you and giving you instructions, lol. Some poses you think is shot worthy but he doesn’t take it and that leads to the weird air. Okay, that is what I think :|

Cheezz Studio is the opposite of what I mentioned! After knowing Yijun loves posing, I couldn’t wait to bring her there! I know I won’t have to think of poses when I have her + she is one of my most photogenic friends and she knows it!

You are given a white background (you can choose from grey, blue, pink, yellow and teal, which looks like green to me) and there is a dslr (600D) right in front of you. It snaps a shot when you click a tiny remote control and there are flash bulbs at the different corners so you get wonderful lighting! Nobody else but you and your friends will be inside and that gets rid of any embarrassment or awkwardness that you might have with a photographer ;) Lastly, they also mounted this this huge 32″ screen above the camera so once you click the button, you can see your photo straight away :D

Oh yes! They provide you with lots of props from soft toys (Craftholic) to costumes (graduation gown) to head gear (bee feelers) and even bubble words too! Just scroll and you’ll get what I mean :)

The only negative point is that you can’t take photos of yourself from different angles, hahaha!

Yijun went to buy roses and she brought plenty of accessories so that we can be different from other people who took their photos there! Hahaha!

 photo 009-tile_zpsefec0d12.jpg

 photo 020-tile_zps8844ce33.jpg

 photo 025-tile_zpsf36e80f4.jpg

 photo 033-tile_zps3b55d0c9.jpg

 photo 037-tile_zps3ff91e01.jpg

 photo 044-tile_zps26ab9385.jpg

 photo 052-tile_zpsfa0321f3.jpg

 photo 068-tile_zps33444bc3.jpg

 photo 083-tile_zps4dfdfe49.jpg

 photo 088-tile_zps511ba0de.jpg

 photo 102-tile_zpsfdc788c0.jpg

 photo 106-tile_zps38bd69a0.jpg

 photo 146-tile_zpsc95caa2f.jpg

 photo 152-tile_zpsff815e1c.jpg

We knew right from the start that we are going to need an extension because we have 2 sets of clothes and we were having too much fun! :D We extended another 30 minutes!

 photo 177-tile_zps2d3a5245.jpg

 photo 182-tile_zpsb0064d2e.jpg
One of my favourite shots :)

 photo 186-tile_zpsfcd2e748.jpg

 photo 216-tile_zpsb5ffbb21.jpg

 photo 197-tile_zpsea48fcc3.jpg

 photo 220-tile_zpsc27f4363.jpg

 photo 238-tile_zpsd64ccb7a.jpg

 photo 253-tile_zpsa2c116b3.jpg

 photo 276-tile_zps917d99d8.jpg

 photo 301-tile_zpsaa1ed2c4.jpg

 photo 306-tile_zpsd10a6e54.jpg

 photo 351-tile_zps16ad370f.jpg

 photo 360-tile_zps702f1696.jpg

 photo 368-tile_zpsfe6346de.jpg

 photo 383-tile_zps4ad48107.jpg

 photo 401-tile_zpsda84b508.jpg

 photo 434-tile_zpsea052316.jpg

 photo 407-tile_zps1b8cbadc.jpg

 photo 440-tile_zps544b1728.jpg

We brought shoes for the pretty outfit so it will look better!! Okay Cheezz Studio doesn’t allow footwear because you might leave marks or damage the paper (if damaged it is a $50 charge!) so we cleaned our shoes, hahaha. However, we actually felt more comfortable without our shoes and the photos still turned out nice! It was a little bit weird at first but we got super relaxed and you can just spam photos while preparing and that makes great candid shots!

Please don’t click the button as fast like I did because some photos turned out black, hahaha! I thought I’ll look horrible in candid shots but they turned out pretty well :D I bet you can’t tell which ones are the candid ones ;)

Cheezz studio charges cheaper for more people too! :) You can check out their rates here! :) They open by appointment only so when you get there, maybe 30 minutes before, don’t be shocked it is closed, hahaha. Just wait for the person to come and you can get ready! :D

We took 440 photos in total!!!

We paid $70 for an hour on a Friday (4th Oct)! Lol. $10 is for an extra copy of the DVD so $30 per person is not bad I guess! You get experience plus 440 lovely photos and props are provided!!! Not like you are going to go there everyday, lol.

I’m going to bring Javis there next and he is excited about it! :D Yay, I can’t wait for cute couple photos!!!!!!

Cheezz Studio is located at

35 Selegie Road
Parklane Mall (I don’t like this place!!! This mall gives a very sleazy feel)
Singapore 188307

p/s We did this photo shoot to celebrate both our birthdays! :)
p/p/s for the previous post, I forgot to mention that the technique of looking at girls X mentioned was actually Javis’ technique for looking at phones! Hahaha! Javis doesn’t look at other girls! He is gay for me ;)


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