The Lawn & EWF.

Met Eelin on 6th of August (Like 2 months ago??? Lol). She wanted to meet everybody before her school starts and I am one of them :cry: I knew those little bus rides with us connected us a little ;)

She brought me to this SUPER remote place for salad. The Lawn Grill & Salad Café is a pretty place!!! :D Hard to find but wow, I love the exterior and the interior and how quiet it is.

 photo 102_zpsa0cfd54c.jpg

 photo 099_zps4c2c01cc.jpg

 photo 100_zpsd89ecf6f.jpg

Salad for dinner! I only had 1/4, lol. First of all, I am not a salad person (except Sumo Salad’s salads. I had the entire bowl). I think I should have gone with the olive rice. I don’t eat 3/4 of their ingredients, lol. It goes against my values of food; like I don’t think you should mix fruits with things that can be cooked or are already cooked (I dislike rojak, lol). I ran out of ingredients to choose from so I had to pick grapes and raisins. I think if you really love salads you can go there or if you don’t, get the rice. The prawns were really good though!

My stomach growled like crazy when I got home :(

 photo 105_zps232210c8.jpg

Eelin and I walked to Star Vista for yogurt :D My virgin experience with Sogurt, can you believe it?! It was nice :D I remember I had my first 2013 $1 coin there!

 photo 103_zpsa6ade931.jpg

Hee hee. Thank you, Eelin for the meet up! :D Another friend that became closer after graduation :) Thank you for helping me with my recent lab report too! Meet me soon for dinner because I owe you one! :D Hopefully things will get better in NTU for you :D GO JOIN SOME PAGEANT AND BE THE QUEEN.

The Lawn Grill and Salad Café is located at

31 Biopolis Way,
Nanos #01-07,
Singapore 138669

A day (7th Aug) at EWF @ Somerset with the Liner, Zishing and Johanna :D We sat there for 6 over hours?!

 photo 107_zps4f64caac.jpg

 photo 108_zpsd0fed2e7.jpg

I don’t think any of us finished it? Except Liner? Hahaha!

We played “Have you ever” then the loser has to say a truth :D So many truths was squeezed out of Liner , hahaha!

 photo 110_zps8e40ce57.jpg

I had fun! :D Who would have thought we would can be entertained at a single place for so long! We still have our Dimsum buffet on the list but Liner is going to be enlisting soon. OMG IS IT TODAY?! Jiayou Liner :D Take care inside!!!!

So I love how outgoing Zishing is and Johanna’s dimples are to die for 8-O The 4 of us will definitely stay in contact :D Love you guys :)


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