20 facts about myself.

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Wanted to post this on my birthday but I couldn’t find a nice picture until after I went to Cheezz Studio :) A few people tagged me to do it but I thought it will be too long for Instagram and I will get irritated if the paragraphs were to be messed up when I post the picture!

I just turned 20 on the 2nd of October :D Have I mentioned I dreaded hitting 20. I felt extremely old when I turned 15 years old and I wanted a vampire to bit me so I can stay a teenager forever :( I was super into Twilight during that period, lol.

Lets get started :D

  1. I was born two weeks earlier than expected so I was supposed to be out on the 16th of October. I think 2nd is a way better number :)
  2. My wardrobe was filled with dresses until the age of 12. I have so many that I rarely repeated them. I wonder where they all went to :o
  3. I started wearing heels during primary school. Obviously is those 1 inch kind, please, lol!!! I wanted to be a princess. Even subscribed to the Disney Princesses magazine and joined princess pageants.
  4. I cried buckets every time I got my hair cut before 11 years old. Like, I had a mental breakdown right after the entire thing, lol.
  5. I was sent to the hospital  once because of an extremely high fever but I like to think it was because I had an incurable stomachache.
  6. My current wardrobe is filled with monochrome colours. I am trying my best to inject bright highlighter colours now!
  7. I was super sad when I knew I got into the Psychology course in Poly and not Bio-medical Science. Of course, I wouldn’t want to go in to BM now. I love my Psychology course ;)
  8. I was one of the top scorers for O levels in Tanglin Secondary :) My full name was placed outside the school for 2 years LOL. Still very proud of it :D I thought I would get 16-19 points.
  9. Had my first crush when I was in kindergarten.
  10. I can block out any emotion I do not want to feel and carry on with life (with exceptions of course).
  11. I thought I had a okay amount of friends but everybody told me I have too many so one time during internship, I opened a Word document and wrote down every friend who was special to me. It got so long that I closed the document (without saving) before I could finish it because it isn’t something to be happy about.
  12. I think I do a fairly good job in maintaining every one of them so I guess it’s alright :)
  13. I love doing voluntary work. Never done it because of CCA points.
  14. I have horrible wire hair but Kangling said that she thinks my hair is cool because it has its “own personality”. I felt a lot better about it after that, hahaha.
  15. I love going on 1 to 1 dates. It’s when you can focus entirely on the person and not have to split attention :)
  16. My quote in life is “Never regret the things you did.” I have no regrets so far and even if I do, they are really minor and stupid ones (e.g. Should have ate that instead of this)
  17. I had a bit of social phobia when I was young too! I would cry and cry outside of houses during Chinese New Year because I hated big gatherings and how everybody will look at me when I enter. One time when I was late during primary school I sat outside the classroom, cried and refused to go in even when my friends found me :cry: I am like, so much better now, right? ;)
  18. I love photography and I wish I have the courage to go full on and be a professional but I want to do something meaningful and bring in a stable income so Social Work is the path for me :D
  19. I watch American, Korean, Japanese, Taiwan, Thai and Hongkong shows so I think that’s why I am extremely good at having a initial “connection” with someone, hee hee.
  20. I thought I loved living the single life until Javis came into it and showed me how amazing it is to be in a normal, healthy relationship. I never thought I would find someone who loves me so much too :)

It was fun doing this! Hahaha! Now you know more about me :D Have a great day ;)


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