49 seats.

We had an Mr Keith Internship gang meet up before Janelle flies to Hongkong (she is already in HK for I don’t know how many months). I forgot who suggested 49 Seats but most of us got lost in the MRT because we don’t know which exit is nearer, lol!!! There was Janelle, Yaxun, Eelin, Kangling and me :D

 photo 138-tile_zps4b441fa5.jpg
I had this french onion soup and I loved it :D But it’s super oily!!!

 photo 141_zpsc21637b3.jpg
We had calamari and cheese fries as sides :D

 photo 144_zpsb5ceb3dd.jpg
Seafood cabonara?

 photo 142_zps4ea990bb.jpg
Smoked duck pasta :)

 photo 145_zps7529064a.jpg
Chicken chop :D

I thought the food was mediocre? I couldn’t finish my smoked duck because the cream was too strong after awhile. Their signature Tomyum was nice but if you suck at eating chilli (like me), you’d probably die eating it. The spiciness is like, if you bring it to Antarctica or the Artic to eat, you could probably stay warm for 15 minutes.

Their service was slow too or maybe they didn’t bother about us :( I forgot what circumstance it was but I remember thinking I won’t want to go back there and their service was a huge factor. Another thing was I wanted to find out the price of their food and stumbled upon this blog. The food was so cheap?! But when I saw the actual menu, there was a $5 hike LOL. I think that blog post was from when 49 Seats first opened. Oh the lighting was really bad so not a good place for pictures.

We walked around Chinatown and decided to stop to have ice-cream! :)

 photo 148_zpsa5e53ac0.jpg

Maybe it will be better the next time I go there, haha. Hopefully.

49 Seats is located at

49 Kreta Ayer Road


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