Crochet high waisted.

 photo 159_zpse8e7e8ce.jpg

 photo 149_zps48877ebe.jpg

My first ever pair of high waisted shorts. I wanted something crochet and saw this just in time :-)

My sister is just the sweetest. I found a drawing board of Javis’ and my face on it. My sister said it was supposed to be my birthday present but it looks horrible so she didn’t want to give it to me, hahaha. Today, I asked if she wants to go to Plain Vanilla with me tomorrow and she showed me this scrunched up face and said “I wanted to find Plain Vanilla so I can buy you a box because you have been treating me to so much food and everything.” No wonder she has been asking me “Where is Plain Vanilla?” for about 2-3 days now! :) Yep, best sister ever.

Going to be back in Javis’ arms in less than 2 hours!

After next week, it will be a month before I’ll see him again.


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