On one of my Tiong Bahru adventures when I chanced upon an open Strangelets! :)

 photo 169_zps39576958.jpg

Eelin and I walked a few rounds and I was afraid that they do not allow photography so I asked the girl behind the counter and she said to go ahead!

 photo 013_zps17bcc42b.jpg

 photo 018_zps6951d274.jpg

 photo 022_zpsafdfb25d.jpg

 photo 024_zps711c4106.jpg

 photo 025_zpsab5484e5.jpg

 photo 028_zps416ca8e6.jpg

 photo 031_zpsd88eed8d.jpg

 photo 032_zps1f6d8d6a.jpg

 photo 035_zps413f8052.jpg
These are so cute!

 photo 034_zps987fe507.jpg

 photo 036_zpsd7db637c.jpg

 photo 037_zps394d1c64.jpg

 photo 043_zps1409411d.jpg

 photo 046_zps204f198c.jpg

It was a lovely design shop selling all the vintage-y items but at a very costly price. It’s costly to me because I saw a bracelet made out of wire for $60, lol. It’s still a wonderful shop to enter! Maybe I’ll get one of their cards next time. One day, when I have enough money to spare, I will go back for their tableware! Like when I’m 35 or something, haha.

Strangelets is located at

7 Yong Siak Street
Singapore, Singapore 168644


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