I miss you :)

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Today is Day number 10 of Javis being in Taiwan :) 17 days more!!! He went for this one month training thing. I’m coping well! I filled my first weekend with ACW so I can earn money and not have nothing to do on a weekend (after not having a weekend alone for months)! I made many new friends because of all the new interns and full timers!!! :D

Anyway, before he left for the airport, I cried. He teared too. I forgot how we stopped, hahaha. We FaceTimed at the airport because his flight was at 3 and I had work the next day plus if I go, I think I would cry even more :'( He actually FaceTimed me at Taiwan’s airport the next day but I missed it, lol. Their phones got confiscated and a bunch of guys went on to buy a pay card and shared it among themselves.

He called me with a Taiwan pay phone and I left my phone outside my room charging. Normally if you see an overseas number you won’t pick it up because it’s some scam. My father was the one who heard my phone vibrating. He saw the number and was so sure it was Javis calling from Taiwan because of his picture. That picture was my wallpaper that always shows up whenever a person calls. He picked it up and it was Javis :D This is based on pure luck and my father’s instant belief that whenever Javis calls from anywhere in the world his photo would show up. Can you imagine if my father didn’t pick up that call? I would have kept ignoring it thinking it’s some persistent scammer :(

Javis calls me almost every night so around 9 to 11, I’ll be expecting a 11 digit number to appear on my phone :) It lasts only for a short while because there is a long queue of people waiting to use the pay phone, haha.

The next two weekends are going to be great because I’ll be in Bangkok starting tomorrow until 2nd December (pray to all your Gods for me okay. There is a this huge protest going on right now)! :) Then the next weekend I’ll be in Batam for a beach resort stay ;) Javis will be back the following week! :)

I’m not even half way through my holiday ;) CAN YOU BELIEVE IT’S ONLY BEEN 5 WEEKS. I HAVE LIKE 10 WEEKS MORE. SHIT. I LOVE AUSTRALIA UNIS BECAUSE IT’S SUMMER NOW. But when it’s spring break of winter break it’s only going to be like 2 week or a month, lol…………… I love following this season thing. It’s like I’m in an overseas university but I don’t have to worry about the homesickness, the fees, everything, lol. And I passed my semester so no worries ;)

Oh and thanks to super kind parents and relatives, I only have to fork out about a $100 myself for this entire trip! I thought my expenses would be all up to me so I kept saving this entire month but turns out, my relatives gave me spending money :) And I’m always lucky to never had to worry about flight or hotel expenses thanks to the parents! :D



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