Poteato :)

A few months ago Mandy and I discovered Poteato and Drips Bakery café! :) What I want to say is all the photos turned out blurry or over exposed :( I couldn’t post it despite even using Photoshop. If it can’t be saved with photoshop I don’t know how I can save it :| Then again, not like I am a Photoshop pro, hahaha! Sorry Mandy :'(

1st November was our 16th monthsary together :) I wanted to try Open Door Policy then bring Javis to Social Haus (I went to SH for the first time with Eelin). The sign for ODP was O.D.P in black font and there wasn’t light on it so we just missed it, lol. We gave up looking for it pretty quickly so I brought him to Poteato! I love love love the salmon :)

 photo 170_zps3e8c94e5.jpg

 photo 176_zpsdd32db5c.jpg
Truffle fries!

 photo 177_zps15cf5940.jpg

 photo 183_zps80528983.jpg
Javis’ pork ribs :)

 photo 185_zps4441a93c.jpg

I like Social Haus :) Oh please do not order the western crusine.. Lol. Never. Ever. Especially the pasta. Don’t even go near that.

 photo 192-tile_zps1e74637b.jpg
Lychee martini and Ma ta or Ma tai or something.

 photo 196_zps4f9ac41f.jpg

Javis sent me home as usual :D We met the next day for korean food! :)

Yep, I am back from Bangkok! Don’t expect a Day 1, Day 2 posts because that will never happen, lol. If I start on that I’ll probably finish it on June 2014. Glad it’s just Singapore for two more days and I’m off again. I hate how time passes extremely fast in Singapore. Unlike Thailand and Indonesia, the 1 hour time difference makes me feel the day is longer and slower which is what I want so so much. In SG it’s just BAM 5pm, then BOOM 3am. Ah, I can’t stand it :(

Javis is reading Nicholas Sparks now. He now has thoughts of us to going to America, setting up a farm and staying there until we die, lol!

Poteato is located at

78 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 163078

Social Haus is located at

11 Yong Siak Street
Singapore 168646


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