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Can you believe it’s December already? This year just flew passed me and it has been nothing but amazing :) I feel all hyped up for next year because it’s going to be really happening!!! I’ll be 21, I’ll be going to more 21st birthday parties, I’ll be graduating with a degree around this time next year, Javis and I will celebrate our 2nd year anniversary, everything is going to be in-credible. I feel that 2014 will zoom pass me too so I will make sure to be happy every moment! You should too :)

December makes me think of Janelle! I miss her very much :'( Of course, we are still virtually connected through Whatsapp so I can send her cute updates (LOL) and go to her when I need really impartial and mature advice. She’s coming back on the 19th so yay! :D

Hmm so next year I plan to have my graduation in Australia (IF I CAN EVEN GRADUATE LOL). UOW gives us a choice to either graduate in Singapore or Aussie :) I am hoping to see snow or orange maple leaves but it’s summer in December… I don’t know how things are going to work out, haha. I’ll just take things step by step next year :) I’m thinking of pursuing my Masters straight but I think it’s better to gain working experience first, right? I think too far, lol! I’ll bother about it when the time comes! :)

Javis has this sergeant that always picks on him. I thought it was because Javis is funny to bully/disturb, then we found out it’s because that sergeant hates Javis’ American accent HAHAHAHA!!!! He got so annoyed one time that he said “Can you stop it with the Ang moh accent already?!” HAHAHA!! HE THOUGHT JAVIS PURPOSELY TALKS LIKE THAT. Okay either that or he is just jealous he doesn’t have one. By the way, Javis is still in denial he has an accent. Well anyway, lucky me ;) What are the chances you get a local boyfriend who speaks like that? It’s a super bonus!! I love you, Javis :*

These are 12am thoughts + listening to Wake me up, acoustic vers. by Aloe Blacc :)

Have a great December :)


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