Bangkok, 28th Nov – 2nd Dec.

This will be my post on Bangkok! :) Like I said, I am not going to do a Day 1 to Day 5 thing because I won’t ever get it done. I don’t even think I got my Year 2 Hong Kong trip done, hahaha (yep, I didn’t).

 photo 2221-tile_zps37dee9d7.jpg

I went with my aunty, uncle, two cousins and sister! Cathay pacific was my flight to Bangkok! :D It stopped at Bangkok first before heading to Hong Kong. Part of me wanted to stay on the plane because HK isn’t a bad place for a trip either but I won’t even be able to get pass the international border, hahaha! Plus I can see Janelle ;)

You had your own personal TV so I watched Two Broke Girls. It wasn’t that nice :| Kat Dennings reminds me of a more mature looking Hillary Duff though :) And I love airplane food! It was fish and rice! The pudding was horrible because the sauce was ginger sauce. Anything with ginger just destroys my taste buds. I got red wine to accompany me ;) Tried white wine for the first time and ew.

Landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport!!! It was huge! :D Reminds me of Changi airport! :) You have to remember to buy a SIM card there! I got my 7 days of unlimited data usage + SDG4/THB100 worth of calls for SGD12! :) Don’t be afraid if you are using an iPhone 4/5 because they have nano sims too! :) Hmm, if you look at it, the plan doesn’t really give you much time to call but with the invention of Whatsapp, don’t worry!!!

Took the train to a station at Ramkhamhaeng station (if my memory didn’t fail me) and had this terrible 30 minute walk to the hotel, lol! The roads were all uneven and pulling your luggage there really tests your temper. Oh, I love that the train stations use tokens! :) Checked in at Centre Point Pratunam Hotel! Best hotel ever. It’s 3.9 stars. Personally, I don’t think you need to get a 4-5 star hotel. I mean, you will be doing tons of shopping = you won’t be using much of the hotel facilities so what’s the point, lol. It’s a 10 minute walk to the highly raved about Platinum Mall and about 5-8 minute walk to Pratunam Market.

 photo 2265-tile_zps271c03eb.jpg

It was free breakfast buffet every morning for us :) The spread was the best!!! Thai and western breakfast! :) They had staff who makes sunny side ups, fried and omelette on the spot too! :) And guess what the most amazing thing was.. IT WAS A DIFFERENT SPREAD EVERY MORNING. You know how annoying it is when hotel serves the exact same food in the morning. You just take lesser and lesser food, lol. That was what happened in Hong Kong.

First stop was Pratunam Market! :) FREAKING CHEAP. Plus I think I got my most buys from there because it’s really accessible from the hotel and we went there thrice. It’s mostly wholesale pricing so the more you buy, the cheaper your clothes are. I actually bought many sets of three of the same clothes in different designs. I think the most expensive one is only SGD6/THB150. Because of all these cheap prices, I actually thought SGD8/THB200 is too expensive and I told myself to not go any higher than SGD8, lol. Which is something I regret a lot. More about that later.

 photo 2400-tile_zps4786fb5d.jpg

There were plenty of night markets and I think the best part of the week to go to Bangkok is Thursday to Monday. The paths were all filled with stalls!! We came across this bookmark stall on the way to MBK Mall and I ordered custom made designs for Javis and I :) Javis is super into reading lately and he kept pushing me to read Nicholas Sparks’ The Longest Ride.

 photo 2279-tile_zps4a6cd3bd.jpg

It was our 17th anniversary in the middle of my trip :) My mom Whatsapped me a photo of the bouquet of sunflowers Javis sneakishly ordered to my home :) He probably did it before he flew to Taiwan because he had 0 internet access until only a few days ago ;) He managed to call me from Taiwan the day before to wish me a happy monthsary in advance! I love you :’) I think making international calls is just plain confusing :(

 photo 2403-tile_zpsc7053234.jpg

My sister and I kept wanting to try street food but my aunty and uncle said they might be dirty or left overnight but my sister and I still took the chance and I must say I am thankful for my super robust stomach!!! We had a huge squid SGD6 roasted on the spot, mango sticky rice THB45 (it’s less than SGD2!!!!). Have I mentioned I love mango sticky rice now? We wanted to try the mega huge prawns too but it does look a little weird, lol. Like, it was roasted the week before. We got the ones shown above from those stalls that reminded me of a lower class Glutton’s Bay, lol. The waiters really hound you. One of them even spread their arms out jokingly to stop us from leaving, haha.

We took a cab to Chatuchak because it wasn’t walking distance. IT WAS SUPER HOT AND HUMID. I hate humidity. It so much worse than Singapore. I wasn’t impressed with Chatuchak at all :( IT WAS SO CROWDED!! And I think it’s really hard to find things because there are so many stalls. One tip is once you see something you like, you better get your hands on it and do not think “I’ll walk some more and find it but at a cheaper price”. Chances are, it’s already very cheap and you will lose the stall forever. Friends kept telling me Chatuchak sells super cheap clothes so I refused to buy anything above SGD6, LOL. Major regret. Clothes that costs SGD10/THB250 just made me walk off. After coming back to Singapore, I realized spending SGD10 can save me from spending SDG24 in Singapore :( Please do not be as stupid like I was. SGD10 is actually really cheap already! The next time I go back I am not letting those go!

I guess that’s why I got really little clothes from Chatuchak.

 photo 2310-tile_zps246eec47.jpg

Went to Platinum Mall. Platinum Mall sells clothes from Chatuchak and Pratunam Market so you should clear those before you spend a bomb at PM! My cousin and I cleared 5 floors of clothes in 2-3 hours! It’s really more expensive and you can’t really bargain much, haha. Didn’t buy much! Oh and they close at 8pm (UTC+07:00). Mad early. I went to Siam Centre, Central World too! I wanted to go Union Mall but it was too far :( my uncle didn’t want us to take the metered cabs because there were 6 of us and it meant we would have to split up. Getting the bigger cabs would cost over SGD50!

 photo 2407-tile_zps0b317e96.jpg

I got two beautiful paddlepop dresses for SGD8 or 10 each, haha. I also found a SGD10 top. I saw the exact one in Fairebelle selling for SGD23. I saw Auntie Anne so I got my favourite cinnamon pretzel for my walk back to the hotel :) Bought Starbucks for my sister too!

 photo 2409-tile_zpsd076b546.jpg

The food was amazing. Food and transport were all paid for by my aunty and uncle so all my money was purely on shopping. Now I know why friends say SGD500 is not enough because they spend on food + transport too! XD Haha, they paid for food massages too! :) Massages are essential after long hours of shopping. You literally shop until you have no energy because of all the walking. The pictures above are tomyum pretz (those are the bomb), pineapple pie and spinach pie. I didn’t try the pies at all, hahaha!

 photo 2410-tile_zps6cd64fff.jpg

The days passed really fast I must say. 5 days gone in just a blink of an eye. Cathay Pacific again and this plane was even better! Haha! They had synced videos into every TV so you can choose to watch shows like HIMYM, TBBT and even have SNSD and many other albums!!! A pity the flight was less than 2 hours :( I wouldn’t mind that plane for 20 hours!!! For lunch they served prawns with rice and it was super delicious :) I had Carlsberg, lol!!! They give blankets too :)

I forgot to talk about the protest, hahaha. We were walking back from Siam Centre one night and we saw the police head quarters! The police were armed with shields but there wasn’t any action! We saw it from the overhead bridge! The next day we wanted to go to Siam Paragon (Krispy Kreme is either at paragon or centre) then we realized the protesters got there already because they heard the PM was there. They blocked off the over head bridge and we could not go from under the bridge because the mob of protesters was too huge!!! There were people selling Thai flags and whistles on the bridge, lol! That was the closest I ever got to the protest! :) I seriously would have walked nearer to the commotion but my aunty didn’t allow us to :(

I want to thank all my friends who were worried for me during this trip! :) You guys let me know how important I am in your lives XD I know it’s also because some wanted to know the situation there! :) Luckily for me, the protesters announced their nation wide protest on the day I was going to leave. It hindered some plans because I couldn’t go for my last foot massage, we had to leave early for the airport in case the roads were blocked off or if the airport stops flights. Everything was smooth sailing for us :)

I had an amazing time in Bangkok! I want to thank my aunty and uncle!! Without them there wouldn’t be this trip! It was carefully planned and I didn’t have to worry about other expenses except for shopping :) My parents for paying, haha. My other uncle who gave me extra money :) Eternally grateful :) My uncle also constantly sends us updates to make sure we are safe and sound in Bangkok :)

Extremely blessed to be living the life I am leading now :) I have so much more to say, hahaha! ’till next time ;) Goodnight everyone!!!


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  1. Chatuchak is like my fave shopping place in BKK!! Their stuff are more unique and many small independent aspiring local designers who sell their stuff there….

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