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Not many of you know but DENISE PIERCED HER EARS ABOUT 2 MONTHS AGO. It was a painful birthday gift I gave myself, lol. I made my sister accompany me to the doctor and I left nail marks on her arm. My threshold for pain is crazily low so that’s why I didn’t want to pierce my ears at all. My childhood consists of many sticker earrings and clip ons. The reason that pushed me to do it was the fact that I might have to wear clip ons on my wedding. It might be lame or dumb to you but it’s horrifying to me! Plus getting my ears pierced a few months before is so risky and what if my ears get infected :| So it’s pierced now! I got it done by a doctor (not those 77 street people because I don’t trust them). Way more expensive but so so much safer! :) I was forced to buy this set of earrings (so pretty) because I have this bad habit of touching my earrings and I lost the back part of it. As a first timer, I freaked out and went to buy one immediately, lol. My sister got me a pair of earrings she knows I want a lot two days ago ;) I’m lucky! I know friends who only have to wear real silver or gold because wearing plastic ones will infect their ears :(


I caught Disney’s Frozen with Javis (first movie after so long, yay!) yesterday! :) IT IS A SUPER GOOD DISNEY MOVIE!!! My favourite character is no doubt, Elsa. She is so gorgeous, omg her hair, her dress, her powers.  My favourite scene consists of her too! It was when she sort of exiled herself into the North mountain. I thought she would be sad or feel lonely but no, because there is no one there, she is able to stop concealing her powers and just express them all :) Yep, she sang Let It Go and it was lovely :’) So obvious she is suffering in the castle because she can’t be who she really is. The part when she constructed her own ice castle, oooooooooooooh, I loved it!!!

I also like the part where they said only an act of true love and save Anna’s life and instead of the typical true love’s kiss, it was Anna’s love for her sister :’) She sacrificed herself to protect Elsa!!!

Christmas is coming you guys!!! Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? :D I haven’t! Hahaha! Oh, I cleared out my closet today!! Got rid of a sea of clothes! :) Now I can pack in the clothes from Bangkok and Taiwan (Javis got me tons of clothes from TW :))

I’m at episode 15 of The Heirs. I LOVE IT. I LOVE KIM TAN. Kim Tan forever :) Goodnight!!! May the day end well for everyone! :)


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