Rant #3.

I honestly have no idea how many times I did rants on this blog so I will just put 3 because I don’t really have much to rant about, lol. Ranting is just not a happy thing so I don’t like it BUT I couldn’t sleep from 11 until 3 last night because I was churning out lots of thoughts on this.

This rant post is going to be very mild, lol. It would have been more intense if it was last night but I think being mild is good.

#1 People who complain about the bus

Tweets like,

“All the buses at the bus stop actually went pass except mine.”
“Why is mine always the last one to come.”
“I’m going to kill the bus.”

I will never forget something Mr Keith said in the Crisis module. People start talking to inanimate objects when they are angry!!! You are so annoyed because you will be late to your destination but is it the bus’ fault you are late? NO. Does the bus KNOW what time you reach the bus stop? YOU control what time you reach so if you woke up earlier, got out of the house, reached the bus stop earlier, you wouldn’t have to spend another 20-25 minutes waiting for the bus and making you even later?! So whenever the bus takes very long to arrive, don’t go scolding the bus when it is YOUR OWN FAULT. You pay the bus $1.50-$2 means it has to know what time to pick you up? Maybe that will happen in 2030?

If you need this kind of service then I suggest you take a cab. No money? Well, then WAKE UP EARLIER so you can get your bus early. Even if you still have to wait about 20 minutes, so what? You are early so you have all the time in the world.

I don’t get why people scold the bus and not the bus driver, I mean, it’s the bus driver that is controlling the bus. Is it like a short cut? NOT that the bus driver deserves it!!! And I agree that ranting things to twitter takes off steam but it’s not going to make the bus come any faster man. Is the bus driver reading your tweets? Are they going to say sorry?

Friend: “Why so late?!”
X: “The bus took super long to come.”

Nobody wants to be at fault.

I suggest changing tweets to “I’m a loser for waking up late.” because nothing is at fault really, but you. I did all that was mentioned before but I wised up during year 1 of poly, lol.

But if the bus makes you wait 30 over minutes then yeah, you can write a complain letter, lol!!!

#2 People who complain about the weather

Tweets like,

“Zzz the sun is so hot today.”
“Why does it rain when I am about the go out?”

From what I know the sun has always been the same temperature, lol. It’s getting hotter because of global warming so like, if you want to feel cooler, I don’t know, do something about it rather than complain about it? Hmm, not that you can do anything, I mean everybody else is killing the ozone layer. So you have to just suck it up or migrate. Be appreciative. Australia hit 39 degrees this summer I think! So buy a fan or some icy drink. Thinking you are some fashionista and have to wear knitted sweaters and fleece leggings  just to make a statement? Okay don’t complain, if you do, just die from the heat.

Ways to make it better:

  1. In the future you go for sun tanning, remember to be thankful it’s so hot. I mean you complain one time you should be grateful some times?! Cancel the bad karma.
  2. Fan.
  3. Cold drink.
  4. Escape to a mall.
  5. Don’t wear until so thick.

*These does not include people to use it as conversations. Sometimes you have nothing to say you have to talk about the weather. Like you know, sometimes you just start fanning yourself and for some reason you have to say “Omg, why is it so hot I am dying.” (me)

As for the rain, nobody can give you an answer to that except for God and science. Do you need me to ask Guan Yin why did the Chinese Dragon made it rain? Or I ask Javis to ask Jesus? Kangling to ask her Taoist Gods??? Maybe Zeus just doesn’t like you and aimed lightning rods at your area. Or for the people who are more science-y, you should know water will evaporate and and form clouds and they travel so you can’t predict when it will rain. Or you can just download the NEA app and try to trust their weather forecast.

Ways to make it better:

  1. Bring an umbrella.
  2. DON’T HAVE IT? Go 7-11 buy.
  3. A raincoat. IT’S LIKE, SO CUTE.
  4. Push the meeting later.
  5. Don’t be lazy and just do 1.
  6. You can drink water whenever you want but plants can’t O:)

I don’t know how to bring it across to people but from what I think, you can make yourself happier. You can turn a bad day around and soon you won’t even have one! If you are late (your fault), you become angry and you start nitpicking about every other downfall you hit. If you are early, everything just goes smoothly, don’t you think? Even if it isn’t very smooth, you can think “at least I wasn’t late today, that’s a good thing!” If it rains it won’t kill you. An umbrella is not that heavy plus if it gets wet, many malls provide the plastic bag or you can even bring your own.

This is just a personal opinion.


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